You Can Make a Difference

Two years ago, if someone had told me that Republicans would hold the House, Senate, and gain the White House, I would have (nicely!) disagreed with them.  After the emergence of the killer “October surprise” video clip, there seemed no feasible possibility of then-Republican nominee Donald Trump besting Democrat Hillary Clinton.  Boy, was I wrong, and am I glad I was!

Since the 2016 election, President Trump and our Republican Congress have brought about one of the greatest economic recoveries in American history, installed not just one, but two (!) new conservative justices on the Supreme Court, and restored respect for our nation around the world.  Based on these results alone, it’s safe to say they’ve kept their promises made on the campaign trail.  As conservatives, we need this string of success to continue, and the only thing it depends on is, you guessed it—YOU.

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8 Steps to Become a Republican

Today I’m going to tell you the eight steps to become a republican.  Before I do, I must confess.  This article has nothing to do with the Republican Party.  When I talk about being a ‘republican,’ I’m talking about committing to the philosophy of republicanism.  So, whether you vote republican, democrat, or independent, you can still hold to this philosophy.

Why should you?  Just as plants thrive in different types of soil, so governments thrive in different soils.  Just as a fern thrives in a cool, moist environment, so a republic thrives in republicanism.  Since republicanism is the soil of our government, I sincerely hope that you will follow these eight steps.

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Our Rich Heritage – Part One

Winston Churchill stated, “A nation that forgets its past has no future.”  With that in mind, I’d want to review three important documents that played a part in the march of liberty through the years and consequently, had a major impact on the founding of our nation.

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Confirmed: What Now?

Nathan Smith, New Generation Voters

October 8, 2018

Just last week, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the nation’s highest court. Unfortunately, it is impossible to quickly move on from the tumultuous hearings.  The confirmation process for a Supreme Court Justice has always been stressful, extensive, and thorough, but this has changed the process forever.  Partisan squabbling has reached new heights in Washington D.C., providing a distraction from the more pressing tasks at hand.  The Democratic Party was out to exact political revenge for the Merrick Garland nomination and to resist President Trump.  The allegations from Dr. Ford and others were just a convenient method to delay and stall Kavanaugh’s nomination.

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