Cutthroat Politics: Machiavelli, A Lust for Power and The Reality of Man

The theories proposed by Niccolo Machiavelli in his work The Prince has given rise to fervent controversy within the philosophical community over the matter of whether Machiavelli was indeed malicious in his strategy to assist rulers in maintaining their iron-fist rule over their respective cities of jurisdiction. This is a flagrant misconception of the true nature of Machiavelli’s work. From the outset, he identifies humanity as being primarily driven under the auspices of self-interest and evil. There is nothing inherently good about humanity according to Machiavellian thought. Under the auspices of realist thought, the only “good” and that could potentially transcend the innate characteristics of self-interest and foolishness that drive societal chaos is political stability via the strength of the ruler and his ability to maintain that stability by learning to adapt to the numerous circumstances that could potentially weaken them.

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Bullet-Point Bio: William Paca

-William Paca was born in October 1740 near Abingdon, Maryland.  He was the second born of seven children to John and Elizabeth Paca.  William and his elder brother attended the Philadelphia Academy together.

-After finishing at the academy, Paca attended the College of Philadelphia and graduated with his Masters of Arts degree.

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The Junior Patriot: Spanish-American War Part One

The Battle of Manila Bay

On April 28, 1898, a message from the Spanish Consul at Hong Kong to Spanish Admiral Patricio Montojo said that the United States Asiatic Squadron was on the way to the Spanish Outpost in the Philippines.  The Spanish-American War had started!

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Our Duty To Liberty

“We must understand our Constitution if we are to defend what we have achieved under it, and we must know our history if we are to value the ordered liberty the Founders bequeathed to us.  We must be free by governing ourselves, preserve our freedom for the next generation, and stand for freedom at home and abroad. We the people created this republic, and we the people must preserve it.”

With this in mind, today I would like to discuss four R’s relating to our duty as citizens of the United States of America:

1) Repentance
2) Remembering
3) Responsibility
4) Rebuilding

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