Israel, Iran, and Syria: Is War Up Ahead?

Nathan Smith, New Generation Voters

May 11, 2018

In the summer of 2015, the European Union, China, Russia, and the U.S. sat down to construct a deal that would prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.  For years prior, Iran had been slowly trying to gather the materials necessary to make the bomb, while Israel and the rest of the world watched with concern.  A nuclear Iran would threaten the stability of the region even more, as they continue to threaten Israel and compete with Saudi Arabia.  Since Russia, China, the United States, the UK, and France had acquired nuclear weapons, it had been the goal to prevent other countries from getting the same capability.  Unfortunately, India, Pakistan, Israel, and at this point North Korea all possess nuclear weapons.  While North Korea is an entirely different issue, the world’s nuclear powers were determined to reach a deal that would at least hamper Iran’s ability.  The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), settled in 2015 by the Obama administration, lifted the economic sanctions from Iran, while Iran was forced to limit their uranium enrichment, and close a number of their centrifuge facilities.

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Slavery and the Constitution: Misinterpretations and Original Intent

One of the most perplexing allegations against the concept of American exceptionalism is that at its base within the tenants of its philosophy (properly modeled by the text of the Constitution), lies a stain of reason that espoused and justified the atrocities of slavery.  This allegation would then make the Constitution passed by the Constitutional Convention in 1789 a contradiction in and of itself.  How could a document, which is primarily geared towards the protection of individual liberties, advocate on behalf of one of the foremost examples of tyranny and oppression?  If such allegations are true, then the American idea of liberty is “dead in the water” in the sphere of logic.  But for all the banter that has now pervaded modern debate in academia and politics, these allegations do not find any solid footing in the historical record.

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Bullet-Point Bio: George Read

-George Read was a signer of the Declaration of Independence from Delaware.

-Read was the son of John and Mary Read and was born in Maryland on September 18, 1733.  While still an infant, his family moved to New Castle County Delaware.

-George Read went to Allison’s Academy at New London with Thomas McKean and then studied law in Philadelphia.

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The Conservative Apologist: Entertainment

In the modern world, it is becoming more and more difficult to be a Christian.  The American culture is now saturated with ideas, behaviors, and lifestyles that are opposed to the Scripture.  In the past, biblical Christianity was one of the main influencers of western culture; often the culture mirrored the core values of Christians.  But over time, the culture has shifted away from Christianity to the point that it is becoming increasingly hostile.

This issue, of course, is not news to Christians that have been paying attention in the last several decades.  But an important question that should be asked is, “how should Christians respond to this reality?”  According to H. Richard Niebuhr, in his influential book, Christ and Culture, there are several possible (historical) Christian responses.  In this article, however, I want to explore two opposing Christian approaches to dealing with culture, and then propose a solution that combines the strength of both.

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