Trump’s Tariffs: Good or Bad?

By New Generation Voters

Tariffs, the very word oft leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth, and Trump has made much use of this taboo system of late.  Trump’s administration has done much good for America with deregulation and lowering of taxes, that is tough to deny; yet with the outcry of the media, one is left to ask, are these tariffs really good for America?

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The American Academia-Soviet Simile and The Free Speech Wars

Yes, there is an ongoing threat to the freedom of speech on college campuses.  The persistence of the academic elite to enforce a subjective standard of what speech is deemed acceptable on student bodies across the U.S. continues to double down on its resistance to logic and reason.  If there is a continued imperviousness to diverse opinion amongst the liberal elites, how can their positions be justified when they refuse to have their beliefs tested in the intellectual market?

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Bullet-Point Bio: Samuel Chase

-Samuel Chase was born to Reverend Thomas and Matilda Chase near Princess Anne, Maryland in 1741.

-Chase was educated at home and then moved to Annapolis where he studied law.  In 1761, he was admitted to the bar and started his own law practice.

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