What To Expect


1) Each month we plan on having an overarching theme for our posts for that month which we will share with you during the first post of the month! Julia will be introducing you to the theme for the first three months on Saturday.

2) Each Monday you should expect our main post of the week. These will cover a wide range of topics from history, current issues, things we’re studying, ways we’re staying involved in politics at our local level, and more. Although Julia and I have a series of posts planned, to begin with (more on that soon!) we look forward to introducing you to other members of our YPL team over time and enjoying their contributions to the blog as well!

3) We will also be posting on Wednesday! Though our Monday posts will sometimes be of a historical nature, growing in our knowledge of history is the main purpose of our Wednesday posts. We are going to begin our Wednesday posts with some special stories taken from a series of books (used with permission) that I trust you’ll enjoy as much as we have! From there, our plan is to begin what we’re calling “Illuminating the Founders” Each week, our writer Ethan Lockman will take a different person from history who has played a significant role in the growth and spread of liberty and introduce you to them a short story. We hope this will prove to be both fun and educational as we share the main facts about their lives and perhaps a famous quote or two!



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