Thoughts from the Founders – Julia

I wanted to share a little about my story of how I’ve gotten involved in politics and give some quick tips for getting involved. I pray that it will be an encouragement to you all.

I would have you all know that I have been miraculously saved by Grace and I am so grateful to be a daughter of the King. All the credit goes to Him, as He is the only reason I or anyone is able to fight for liberty, and win this fight! It is only through the freedom that we have in Christ that liberty will be preserved!

My love for the Lord has led me to love my country! I remember as a child loving to belt out “I’m Proud To Be An American”, and I remember loving listening to stories about the pilgrims read by my mom. But more recently, my interest has grown to more action. In July of 2015, I attended the Reclaiming America for Christ conference where I heard KrisAnne Hall speak. She (as well as the other wonderful speakers) were amazing and the whole conference had a big impact on me. One thing that struck me when I attended the conference is that there were plenty of adults there, and even some elderly couples (which is important!), but, unfortunately, there were very few teens. I was burdened by this, since we are the next leaders of America, whether we want to be or not! At the conference, I purchased KrisAnne Hall’s book, Liberty First – The Path To Restoring America. As I started reading the book, I was convinced that I not only wanted to do something for the country I love but also realized that it was my duty as an American citizen to work to restore the liberty that was won for me by our founding fathers.

While I was reading The Path To Restoring America, I told Savannah how much I was enjoying it and had been challenged by it, and proposed that we read it together. After reading only part of the book, we were both convinced that we wanted to start something that would encourage and educate young people on this topic, and here we are!

It is so amazing to see where God has brought us already, and even as I write this, I really have an inexpressible hope for my nation. God is so good and so merciful. Right now, we know there are a lot of issues — big issues — and they are frustrating. But I feel hopeful because I know God is in control, even in these wicked times. Please, dear young person, remember this! We cannot forget it! He is the One who made this country great, and He is the only one who will make it great once more. We who know Jesus Christ know that He has already won the war and this gives us great hope. But even if this country were to never be restored to what it once was, then let it be said of us that we didn’t let it go down without a fight!

Now if you’re anything like me, it’s easy to get caught thinking, “I’m a nobody. How will I ever make a difference?” Everyone who has made a difference – no matter where – started as a nobody. So please know this: if I’m doing something, anyone can do something. Just a year ago, I only had a dream. Today, we have a website and I’m active in local politics. Soon, I trust, there will be a movement of young people passionate about their country, who will not cower when under pressure but stand and fight! Anyone can make a difference!

So here are a few thoughts on how you can start getting involved:

First, pray and seek the Lord. And don’t be afraid to pray and seek the Lord. Yes, we’re teenagers, but we must refuse to let what’s considered “cool” continue to define us. In the scriptures, we read of several young people who made a huge difference at their young ages, not the least of which is David. We all know the story of David and Goliath. Based on my studies, I believe David was only around 15 years old when he killed Goliath! Think about this! David certainly wasn’t following the norm when he did this; he was trusting in the God he knew. The king of Israel, Saul, told David he was too young, yet David had the faith to say “The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” (NIV) We need this kind of faith in America among the young people! I believe we can fairly say that we have “Goliath-sized issues”, but is this a reason to continue to do nothing, or is this a perfect time to boldly proclaim that we serve a God who is bigger than all of this and that we will fight in His power for our country?!

Second, read, study, watch, listen. James Madison said, “A well-instructed people alone can be a permanently free people.” We need to get a hold of this. Too many of today’s young people aren’t being taught what our history really is, while at the same time being taught to depend on the government for everything. This equals two things: a total lack of desire for preserving what has been won for us, a nation of dependents, and overall lower wealth. There are many wonderful books (check our resources page for just a few) that will teach you a lot, plus inspire and guide you on what you can start doing. There may also be conferences and other events near you where you can learn much! So, study and look for those who can teach you more!

Third, and lastly, don’t forget to stay connected with others! If you’re fighting by yourself, you will likely become discouraged and stop fighting. Remember, every leader needs helpers and followers, so join others! We must stand together!

I hope my short story has been an encouragement to everyone and an inspiration to start doing your part!

Thank you so much for visiting Young Patriots for Liberty! We hope you will learn a lot and join us in working towards bringing America back to the liberty we have enjoyed and the Christian heritage we have stood on for so long!



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