Thoughts from the Founders – Savannah


I believe I’ve always had an extra sense of patriotism running through my veins. Maybe it’s due to coming from a military family – I’m really not sure. One thing is certain though – I’ve always had a great love for my country. It wasn’t until my mid-teens though that I started realizing that our liberties were at stake and since then, my desire to do my part in passing on the torch of liberty to future generations has only grown.

Julia explained yesterday how the idea for Young Patriots for Liberty was birthed out of the Reclaiming America for Christ conference in 2015. That conference led to us reading Liberty First – The Path to Restoring America together and feeling convinced that we needed to do something to help preserve liberty for future generations. When Julia and I realized we both wanted to start something to encourage other young people to patriotism and action, we thought what better way than to start something together?!!

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the author GA Henty. He wrote historical fiction in the late 1800’s. His stories center around different historical figures and battles – usually for freedom of one kind or another – with a fictional main character who ends up helping to “save the day.” I used to wish I could be that person – fighting battles for liberty and making a difference on the pages of history. Then while preparing to launch YPL, it dawned on me – I am in the midst of a battle for liberty and God has given me the opportunity to make a difference on the pages of history. He has given all of us this opportunity. What are we going to do with it?? If you’re like me, you may feel wholly inadequate for the job. I think this is one of the things the devil can use to get us stuck in inaction. But the Bible is full of people who, “out of weakness were made strong” because it was in the Lord’s strength and not their own.

So here we are. You may wonder as I have how you can even begin to make an impact or feel like there’s too many battlefronts and too much to do. That’s why I like this quote from Ronald Reagan so much – he said, “We have problems in our country, and many people are waiting for God to do something. I just wonder if maybe God isn’t waiting for us to do something. And, while no one is capable of doing everything, everyone is capable of doing something.”

As I mentioned at the beginning, ever since I can remember I’ve had a great love for my country. I want to do my part to ensure that generations to come will experience the freedoms we enjoy today and work toward regaining the ones we’ve lost. This is something we can all do as we seek the Lord and join together. I truly am proud to be an American!!



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