Meet Your Legislators


At times, we only hear about the big issues – things going on at a federal level. But our local government is very important in the fight for liberty, and so one of the first things we want to encourage you to do is quite simple — go meet your state representative and senator! This is easy and important.

Now you might be thinking “easy?!?” Often, we think of the people “up there” (at the state Capitol) as separate from us and part of a world we cannot easily be involved in, but we must not think this way. Please remember, our legislators are public servants who need to know the different desires and concerns of their constituents. They represent us.

KrisAnne Hall reminds us in the very first chapter of Liberty First – The Path To Restoring America that “We the people are the power and foundation of the Republic.” So, if we are the power and foundation, and they are to represent us, don’t they need to know who we are? Absolutely! Unfortunately, we often do not make the effort to get to know our legislators and share our views on good legislation, and then we complain about bad legislation. We need to fix this!

Now, if you’re under eighteen, like I am, you may also be thinking “I’m not even voting age yet. Why do they need to hear from me?” They need to hear from you because they make laws that effect you even before voting age. You are a citizen of this county regardless of your age. Laws concerning schools and education certainly affect young people. We pay taxes if we’re working and we pay taxes every time we buy something. So laws on issues such as taxes, etc., will eventually affect you and me when we reach working age and voting age. We as teens can and should go talk to them about issues that concern us, and I would also point out that even being able to go talk to our legislators is a wonderful blessing! We cannot take this gift for granted.

Hopefully you can now see why this is so important!

So, let’s get to it! How do we get in touch with our legislators?

Here are my tips:

1. Use the links at the bottom of this post to find out who your representative and senator are. Then read their bios and find some bills they’ve voted on. Look for things you may have in common with them, such as being involved in the same sport, FFA, or having played the same instrument — this could be a great conversation starter when you go to meet them.
2. Now call their office, tell them who you are and make an appointment to meet with them.
3. When you go, consider these things:
– they are our servants, but whatever you do, always be respectful!
– always ask about them! If you did have something in common, tell them.
(“I read that you got a degree in agriculture, and I’m a part of FFA. Were you involved in FFA during high school?” -or- “I saw in your bio that you played ____ instrument in the band during high school. Do you still play?”)
– ask what made them want to be a representative/senator.
– thank them for what they do!

Note: if you set up an appointment during the last week of session, your senator or representative may not be able to meet with you, because the last couple weeks of session is extremely busy for them.

Developing good relationships with these men and women will help in the future when you’re talking to them about a certain issue, especially if they disagree with your stance. Remember, our local government is important, and we have to be involved and make a difference for this nation!

Click here to find your state legislators

Click here to find your US senators

Click here to find your US representative



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