Things To Look Forward To…

I wanted to give everyone a look at what we’ll be talking about next week and also quickly share our monthly plan.

Next week Savannah will share her post, “God and Liberty”, that will cover God as the author of liberty and the importance of starting with the right foundations.

Then I will share a post titled “Why Liberty?” and, lastly, we will cover a brief history of America and Liberty.

Posting Plan:

Now, I also wanted to let you know that each month will have a topic that we follow for posting.

Month 1 is “Foundations”. We thought this was fitting as we want to cover some basics that we will build upon as we go.

Month 2 will be “Our Duty To Liberty”. In month two we will introduce our first contributor and my brother, Benjamin, who we trust will be blessing!

Month 3 will be all about “Voting”. We are excited to¬†introduce a couple more¬†contributors – one of whom, Sarah, will share what she learned from the Voter’s Summit in DC! (I personally can’t wait to hear all about this!)

We will continue through the months to keep you all up to date on the topics we will be discussing and pray that it will educate and inspire all!

Thanks for reading!


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