The Great Seal of the United States

Today we want to share an interesting excerpt on the Great Seal of the United States written by Reed Simonsen – owner and publisher of Randall Company Press. We trust you’ll enjoy it!

The Great Seal of the United States with some background behind it:

“…The Founding Fathers were profoundly religious. In their own words they stated unapologetically that freedom comes from God and that it was He who directed them to build this nation. They understood the Bible as the history of man’s struggle for freedom, first from the tyrannical king of Egypt, then from the wages of Sin and Death through the liberation of Jesus Christ.

George Washington prayed fervently for divine guidance. One of his prayers has come down to us: ‘Let my heart, gracious God, be so affected with Your glory and majesty that I may fulfill these weighty duties which You require of me. Again, I have called You for pardon and forgiveness of sins and for sacrifice of Jesus Christ offered on the cross for me. You gave Your Son to die for me and have given me assurance of salvation.’

In drafting our Constitution, James Madison declared, ‘We have staked the whole future of American civilization upon government. We have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.’ These are a couple quotes of many.

In order to safeguard these ideals and place them forever before the people, it was decided that a seal (or coat of arms) should be given to the new nation. Thus begins the real meaning behind the symbols found on the Great Seal of the United States.

On July 4th, 1776, our Founding Fathers gathered at Independence Hall to sign the Declaration of Independence. Shortly after, the committee passed the following resolution: ‘Dr. Franklin, Mr. J. Adams and Mr. Jefferson, be a committee, to bring in a device for a seal for the United States of America.’ These three gentlemen sought the advice of a coat of arms scholar, Pierre Eugène Du Simitière. Over the next six years, the Great Seal was designed. Since that day, many uneducated, but well-meaning scholars, have attached various and sundry sinister meanings to our national coat of arms. The real meaning behind these symbols is one of God-fearing faith and hope for man’s future.


Our national coat of arms is made up of two symbols. First, a bald eagle with wings outstretched. The eagle symbolizes strength, victory and safety. The concept is similar to the idea John the Revelator portrayed in his Apocalypse (see KJV Revelation 12:10-14).

The eagle bears a shield of 13 stripes and stars on its chest. He clutches an olive branch in one talon and 13 arrows in the other. The eagle always faces the olive branch but keeps the arrows close by. This symbol is meant as a promise and warning to the world. It means that America prefers peace. We will look to peace first, however, if necessary, we will defend our rights, our prosperity, and our peace with war.

Overhead, 13 heavenly stars unitedly let their light so shine among men, that the good works of freedom can be seen by all. The eagle clutches the ribbon in his beak with a Latin inscription translated as, ‘From the many people, come one.’

The second symbol is the all-seeing eye of God shining above a pyramid of 13 steps (you can see a picture here). God’s watchful eye is gazing down upon the 13 colonies from His place in the heavens. Above the eye is the pronouncement, ‘God favors our undertaking.’ The eye is set in a triangle symbolizing the three members of the Trinity. This triangle is also meant to form a capstone at the head of a corner. Jesus once declared that the stone which the builders rejected, the same has become the head of the corner. Our founders believed that it was God’s will that America be free.

The pyramid’s foundation is inscribed with the Roman numerals signifying the year 1776. The western side of the pyramid is dark suggesting that while our future is still unknown to man, it is known to God. It also describes that the original 13 colonies will expand in manifest destiny until freedom filled the whole earth.

Perhaps nothing in urban mythology has so inspired panic as the remaining Latin phrase, ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum.’ There are those who say it is the secret saying of a group of power hungry socialists who hope to take over the world. Human history is filled with Hitlers, Lenins, Darwins and other social architects and fools. However, our Founding Fathers had a different vision of these words. They read them as, ‘A new order of the Ages.’ They saw America as the start of a new order for the world. A new way of life built here in the pristine forests of the American continent. In a world accustomed to the old order of kings and servants, monarchs and subjects, masters and slaves, this new order of individual freedom was dangerous and unstoppable. It still is.

As the years have passed, America has continued to inspire hope to the huddled masses of humanity yearning to be free. Our influence has expanded through peace and war…God has truly favored our endeavors and blessed mankind with a new order for living. He has given us every reason to push forward blending the many peoples and cultures into one people… we the people.

May the love of liberty shine bright within you, and may the Author of it bless this nation, now and always.” – Reed R. Simonsen – Owner and Publisher of Randall Company Press



-“American History Stories…You Never Read in School…but should have Volume II: We the People”, by Mara L. Pratt, M.D. Used with permission. This wonderful book is available for sale at

-Great Seal of the United States.


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