Calling All Patriots!

This week, we wish to break from the normal stories we’ve been posting over the past weeks in order to share a story from history that has the ability to positively impact our nation today.

You’ll recall that in Monday’s post, I discussed the four “R’s” that relate to our duty as responsible citizens of the United States.  The final “R”, mentioned prayer and how it is one of the most important keys to the rebuilding of our nation.  One doesn’t have to look far in Scripture or throughout history to prove this fact.  By way of recent example, allow me to introduce you to a prayer movement that began during WWII in Great Britain.  It was called the “Big Ben Minute” or the “Silent Minute.”  Interestingly, the gentleman who founded this movement was not a believer.  However, Christians eventually caught wind of it and the practice spread like wildfire.  The concept was quite simple.  Each night as Big Ben struck the hour of 9:00, people all across Great Britain would pause and pray for their country.  The power of prayer cannot be denied.  I believe along with so many others that this discipline of prayer had a profound impact on the outcome of the war.

This brings me to America in 2016.  Today, there is a growing prayer movement similar to the one that swept across Great Britain in the 1940’s.  I heard about this from some dear friends who were made aware of it by a pastor in Washington state.  I’ve included the link below that will tell you more about the “Big Ben Minute” and also how you can become part of the modern day “Minute Men.”

Monday’s post discussed the importance of taking action.  If you’ve been wondering what you can do, this post provides you with a simple yet very powerful opportunity.  Here are some action steps you can take TODAY!

Action steps:

-Visit to read the complete story!

-Set an alarm for each evening at 9:00 PM Eastern Time (8:00 PM Central, 7:00 PM Mountain, 6:00 PM Pacific)

-When the alarm goes off – stop whatever you are doing and spend one minute praying for our nation. If others are with you – invite them to pray also and spread the word about what you are doing and why. If those with you are unbelievers you have the added benefit of an opportunity to share the gospel.

I hope you’ll take time to visit the website, set your alarm, and join myself and many others in nightly prayer for our nation. We serve a God who hears our prayers and we must never underestimate the power of coming before Him together!



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