A Matter of Conscience?


Standing on a debate stage on Sunday October 9, 2016, two people, a man and a woman, struggled to defend their unethical behavior to the American public.  One candidate has spent the last two years trying to clear up a scandal involving her use of a private server during her time as Secretary of State.  The other has found himself waist deep in a controversy due to a recording that was just leaked of him making lewd comments ten years prior.  These two people are candidates for President of the United States of America.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both running for the nation’s highest office, and they are both in serious ethical and moral crisis.  Because of this, christian voters are full of fear and doubts as to the nation’s future.  Many of these evangelicals do not vote.

There are many reasons evangelicals don’t vote.  The main reason is that they feel that there is no one they can vote for in a good conscience.  With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as our presidential nominees, we can expect an even smaller evangelical voter turnout than 2012 in which roughly fifty percent of professing christians didn’t vote.  Can christians even vote nowadays?  Should they vote?  These are questions I have been asked (and asked myself) quite a few times in the last few months, and I hope to answer them here.

1)  Can christians still vote without violating their conscience?

Despite the two candidates running for President, many politicians running for public office are men and women of faith, principle, and value.  These men and women represent the values you and I stand for; small government, the sanctity of human life, religious liberty etc.

It is the policy of Young Patriots for Liberty to educate and inform readers about the issues and politicians on the state and local level.  There are myriads of issues facing voters this year on the state level!  Your voice as a principled or christian conservative in these issues is incredibly important!  Realize that when you vote for freedom on any level, be it county, state, our federal government, you are making a stand for liberty.

2)  Is voting a matter of conscience? 

The next consideration is whether or not christians have the liberty not to vote.  Some believe that it is not in the least way biblical to vote.  Others believe that not voting is equal to rejecting the resurrection!  The difficult thing to do is to find a line in the middle of the two extremes.  In Exodus 18:21 we are told to “ select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain”.  It is our duty as christians to put men of principle who fear God into power.  When godly leaders arise, the evil are afraid.  Failure to act because of any obscure reason is not only dangerous, but wrong.  Unprincipled voters will vote for the candidate who promises “bread and games”.  We must not let them be the ones to elect leaders.  So while voting is in the loose sense “a matter of conscience”, we as christians have the obligation to elect godly leaders.  We alone will face the consequences of our inaction.

In conclusion, please don’t stay home this November.  In the words of Ted Cruz, “Stand and vote your conscience up and down the ticket.”  We have a glorious opportunity to stand for truth and freedom.  While it may or may not be on the Presidential ticket, it is our responsibility to elect godly leaders to every level of government.  Be it in the Senate or the House of Representatives, for Governor or for county supervisor, you and I have the duty and privilege to vote for liberty.



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