What Happened to Free Speech?

Due to an unexpected death of a loved one and extenuating circumstances for both our contributor and backup contributor for the week, we are taking a break from our “Articles of Conservatism”.  Benjamin has covered a different topic for us, but one that we trust you’ll find edifying.  We will continue with our Articles of Conservatism next Monday (or possibly Friday).

Free Speech — the Root of the Matter


We’ve seen quite often lately examples of the left pushing their provocative ideas to the cultural center stage, not only validating their views with judicial justification from the US Supreme Court and other appellate courts, but also using the same means to silence their opposition.  They have also invoked hateful name-calling as a primary tactic in coercing their opposition into submission.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been puzzled of late by the liberals’ unfair branding of their competition as “haters.”  After all, isn’t this a land of free speech?

Well, once upon a time, America was a land of free speech.  Every individual was free to say what he believed without apology, even if that viewpoint collided with another’s. Biblical truth was freely preached by a vocal church and most people had at least some respect for God and Biblical truth.  The same was largely true of the decisions of our elected officials.  If someone disagreed with a certain viewpoint, he or she simply reconciled themselves to disagreement; lawsuits were not the means of resolution.

So why, or how, have we abandoned this kind of culture?  What have been the mechanisms of our downfall?  I believe that our loss of free speech is, at its core, an outworking of spiritual warfare.  Satan is the prince of this earth, and he “walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (John 12:31, 1 Peter 5:8).  He knows that he has been defeated by God, so he attempts to defeat God’s creation.

Satan knows that he cannot gain a foothold in a nation that is concerned with truth.  He cannot accomplish his goals within a society that even tolerates truth.  He is the father of lies.  He knows that he must subvert the truth in order to triumph over any freedom-loving people group, because a commitment to truth is one of the principle ideals that allows freedom to flourish.  His henchmen have been scrupulously doing just that in America, implementing substitutes for right and wrong, which they have codenamed “love” and “hate.”  The rhetoric they employ in promulgating these ideas inevitably stresses love, tolerance, equality, and diversity.  They have been very busy over the last several decades convincing us that right and wrong have been supplanted by these substitutes, and that as long as love is the driving force behind our decisions, our actions are justified.  When man is the supreme authority on moral truth, truth can be twisted and contorted to accommodate whatever is convenient to one’s sinful desires. Now that they have thoroughly convinced us of this, they have begun weeding out those who still cling to God’s truth, labeling them “haters” “biggots,” and “intolerant,” and have ensured that the systems which were once bulwarks of justice promptly silence the opposition.  Hence, the same people who stress love, tolerance, equality, and diversity can be easily found viciously working to stamp out any opposition to their own ideology.

We can see this scene playing out in the outrageous societal changes of the last several years.  For example, any time someone speaks out against homosexual ideology, he is blasted as a “hater.”  Moral absolutes are not considered; relative emotions rule the day, and the arbitrary “opinions” of a few unelected officials have now served to subtly silence any opposition by lending tremendous earthly credence to the movement.  They have further bolstered the movement by redefining marriage as some abstract notion based entirely upon feeling.  These things indicate a total departure from a Christocentric worldview, and a total acceptance of the selfish, anthropocentric worldview of which we have been speaking.

Now that there is no accepted universal measure of truth, any perversion can be brazenly forced in the face of the people under the banner of “love.”  Their rhetoric sounds so compassionate, so humanitarian, that, in their estimation, to argue against it is to be filled with hate.  Instead of using moral truth as the foundation for their emotions, they allow their emotions to define truth.  Emotion then becomes the means of both abolishing truth and establishing the foundation for some abstract, relative ethical code they claim is moral.

In other words, they are the hypocrites.  They are the haters; they are absolutely intolerant of any one who does not side with their gross distortion of love.

The basic premise behind the ideas I have just described is that love and hate are respectively equal to right and wrong.  The liberal progressivists believe that, just as moral right and wrong are mutually exclusive, love and hate are also mutually exclusive; that a loving person is incapable of hating anyone, and that a hateful person is incapable of loving anyone.  This is huge mistake, and it is where the perversion begins.  A brief examination of your own emotions will, I suspect, prove otherwise.  The truth is, love and hate are eternally coexistent.  In fact, love for certain things demands hatred toward other things.  There are certain things you hate because of certain other things you love, right?  I know that such is the case in my own life.  I hate evil because I love what is good.  I hate wrong because I love what is right.  I hate Satan because I love God.  I hate perversion because I love the souls of those who have been enslaved by it.  I hate concupiscence because I love those who will be condemned by God for it.  I hate wickedness because I love righteousness.

So throw the book at me — I’m a hater.  I have to be a hater.  True love demands that I be a hater, and I’m okay with that label.

Now please do not misunderstand me — I love homosexuals; I simply believe that homosexuality, as an act, is sin.  We must love the sinner while hating the sin.  The Benham Brothers said it well: “Jesus loves all people, but He does not love all ideas.”

If we want to see a return to liberty, we should not waste time asking ourselves, “how can we coddle everyone in their whims and fancies?”  To try to satisfy everyone would be a futile effort.  Indeed, the more the left coddles the homosexual movement, the more the Christian viewpoint concerning homosexuality is silenced.  Rather, we should be asking, “how can we determine absolute truth?”

If you agree with the viewpoint I have hitherto presented, then my question is this: “what are you going to do to rectify the situation?”  Unfortunately, it seems that our legislators often either disagree with our viewpoint or simply don’t actively defend it.  It is, therefore, not our responsibility to complain amongst ourselves that our culture is rife with problems and inconsistencies; rather, it is our duty to fight against the injustice and for a return to free speech as guaranteed by the U.S Constitution.  We must encourage our legislators to defend free speech on every front and never cower to the scourge of political correct rhetoric.  We must speak out against the verbal coercion which accosts American Liberty every day.  We must stand for the right to spread the gospel to every nation.  We must remind them that everyone has the right to publicly state their worldview.  When our legislators fail to uphold traditional, biblical values, it becomes our responsibility to right the ship, and explain to them why they must return to these values, or work to remove them from office.

This fight is a serious one.  It is a battle for truth, which means, by default, that it is a fight against Satan himself, for Satan is the father lies.  We must realize that the truth sometimes hurts.  There is no time to lose.  We must fight with tenacity and faith in the God that has already defeated Satan.  We must not be blinded by the schismatic labeling of the left, nor inspired to adopt their own tactics.

Speak the truth; fight with love!



Picture credit: pixabay.com

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