Bullet-Point Bio: Robert Treat Paine

-Our last signer from Massachusetts.
-Lived from March 11th, 1731 – May 11th, 1814.
-Born in Boston, Massachusetts
-His father and grandfather (on his mother’s side) were both pastors.  Poor health eventually led his father to give up pastoring and take up a mercantile business instead.
-His mother’s family could trace their roots back to the Mayflower.
-Paine entered Harvard at age 14, pursued theology, and graduated when he was 18.
-He served as chaplain for the New England army during the French and Indian War.
-He also preached at various places in and around Boston.
-Paine helped to support his family when his father fell on harder times.
-After studying and becoming qualified, he began practicing law in 1759.
-He married Sally Cobbs in 1770 and they had eight children.
-As Marilyn Boyer writes in For You They Signed, “Paine took an early role as a patriot”, being active pretty much right from the start of troubles with England.
-He was one of the prosecutors of the British soldiers who had taken part in the Boston Massacre.
-He also helped with getting the production of gun powder going for the American War for Independence.
-Paine was a charter member of the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences.
-Some of Paine’s other public services included:
-Serving as a Representative in the Massachusetts legislature (1773-1775)
-Serving as a delegate to the Continental Congress (1774-1778)
-Serving as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives (1777-1778)
-Serving as Attorney general of Massachusetts (1777-1790)
-Serving as a member of the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention (1779)
-Serving as Justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts (1790-1804)

-Photo credit: Wikipedia public domain
For You They Signed, 2009, Marilyn Boyer

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