The Eradication of God from the Public Square — Neutralization or Coercion?

 Part Five: The Constitution 

In this series, we’ve been discussing many examples of attempts made by the left to neutralize all public forums in terms of religious expression.  We’ve established that this is, indeed, happening, and we’ve discovered the motive behind this scheme.

In my last post, I asserted that this eradication of God from the public square is a goal of the socialist/communist agenda.  You may be wondering how this is possible since the basis of virtually every court case on this subject has been the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Is there constitutional grounding for these court decisions?  Were the justices that made these rulings correct, or did they misapply the Constitution? 

I believe that these rulings were incorrect regarding one fundamental consideration: the extent of the entities to which the Establishment Clause applies.  First, let’s take a look at the Establishment Clause:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”

The argument has been that legislation that allows certain religious expression in public forums constitutes a government endorsement of religion, which would violate the Establishment Clause. 

Unfortunately, many of the efforts we have discussed throughout this series attempt to hold private and religious entities to the same standards of neutrality and the Establishment Clause to which public entities are accountable, and this is where the trouble begins.  The Constitution was not written to restrict personal expression; rather, it was written to limit government authority.  Ronald Reagan made this point well: 

“Almost all the world’s constitutions are documents in which governments tell the people what their privileges are.  Our Constitution is a document in which ‘We the People’ tell the Government what it is allowed to do.  ‘We the people’ are free.”

For far too long, the judiciary system has been holding private entities to rigid standards of corporate policy that were intended to hold only the government to these standards, and this is wrong. The Courts have misinterpreted the Constitution. We need to fight for a proper understanding of the Constitution, and stop the eradication of God from the public square! 



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2 thoughts on “The Eradication of God from the Public Square — Neutralization or Coercion?”

  1. Not sure my comment addresses the subject but I work outside the home. And I do not want to listen to a bunch of stuff I disagree with. Do your job..get paycheck and do volunteer work…help those in need and PRAY!! That is a thin line of how i approach working outside the home. God in the public square…..what does that mean in the 21st century…

    1. Hi Jill!

      Thank you for your comment! We enjoy and appreciate hearing from our readers!

      You raise an important question. What should public religious expression look like in the twenty-first century? What is government’s proper involvement in this issue?

      In the U.S. Constitution, we have both the Establishment Clause, which prohibits the Government from establishing a religion, and the Free Exercise Clause, which forbids the Government to in any way restrict personal religious expression. There are two important things to consider when discussing the Government’s involvement in personal religious expression. First, recent jurisprudence (judicial opinion) of the Supreme Court has posited that the Establishment Clause is so far-reaching as to forbid even an endorsement of religion, be such endorsement general or specific. Additionally, as a result of such jurisprudence, much similar recent jurisprudence has noted an ostensible dichotomy between these two clauses, since it would seem that allowing or endorsing certain religious expression on certain public premises, or in certain public settings, would constitute an endorsement of religion and, as a result, a violation of the Establishment Clause. In other words, the Court has supposed that these two clauses are, in practice, at odds.

      It is my opinion that these two clauses are not contradictory. So long as our Government does not set up or endorse a religion, or give special treatment to adherents of a particular religion, a violation of the Establishment Clause is not at issue. Conversely, so long as a person’s freedom of religious expression is not inhibited, a violation of the Free Exercise Clause is nonexistent. The whole of the command given to the Government in the these two clauses can be summarized like this: “Stay out of it!” The extent to which Christianity is exhibited in the public square should, then, be wholly in the hands of the people.

      I believe that the concept of God in the public square should be exemplified by a vocal church. I believe that our nation should be replete with courageous Christians who are unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, will fulfill the Great Commission, and will deliberately proclaim God’s truth in all public considerations. I do not mean that Christians should obnoxiously and impertinently yell at everyone with whom they disagree; contrariwise, I believe that the truth should be spoken in love ( Having said that, God is the only solution to every political problem, and we, as God’s messengers, should be purposeful in propagating His truth. I also agree with you that we should be God’s hands and feet to the needy!

      Hope this helps!



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