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Today, we want to share an informative article on the REAL ID Act.  We’ve mentioned it a few times here on the YPL blog and believe it’s important to go a little deeper.  Although some of the information below is specific to Oklahoma, much of the information applies no matter what state you live in, so we hope you’ll take the time to read and consider it.  Special thanks to John Michener, president of OCPAC (Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee), for allowing us to repost his article!  We hope you’ll find it informative and impassioning, and that it will urge you to action!

The History 

In May 2005, Congress passed the REAL ID Act, a federal effort to create a national ID.  A national ID is unconstitutional on its face since it is an undelegated power, and the ID Washington defined violates our right to be secure in our persons, property, papers, and effects, which is explicitly protected by the Fourth Amendment.  The late Justice Scalia authored the 1997 opinion of the supreme Court of the U.S. in Mack/Printz v. USA.  He wrote, “The Federal Government may neither issue directives requiring the States to address particular problems, nor command the States’ officers, or those of their political subdivisions, to administer or enforce a federal regulatory program…such commands are fundamentally incompatible with our constitutional system of dual sovereignty.”

REAL ID is more than an identification card; it is part of a larger plan by global statists to implement total control of the population.  That control begins with gathering all of your personal data and sharing it with the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, NSA, and even international organizations.

The use of fingerprints and detailed facial patterns is only one part of identifying who you are.  You also have financial fingerprints, ideological fingerprints, behavioral fingerprints, online fingerprints, mobile fingerprints, and religious fingerprints.  Once all of these fingerprints are collected and stored, government can then influence you, direct you, control you, enslave you, and eventually, if they so choose, eliminate you.  Think not?  Consider the banking system, the IRS, the network of high-definition highway traffic cameras, the internet, cell towers, your dependence on state-provided education, medical care, and other services, and the plethora of federal law enforcement agencies.  Remember Waco?

Oklahomans and our elected officials immediately saw the dangers of REAL ID and sprang into action.  In 2007, REAL ID was completely nullified in Oklahoma.  The Senate vote was 47-0, the House vote was 97-0, and Democratic Governor Brad Henry signed the bill, which said, “The Department of Public Safety is hereby directed not to implement the provisions of the Real ID Act…  No department or agency of the state…shall collect, obtain, or retain any data in connection with activities related to complying with the REAL ID Act of 2005.”

Wag the Dog

To listen to the local news media and elected officials today, one would believe that everything has changed.  REAL ID is actually perfectly legal.  It will be a social blessing to us and our posterity.  The one hundred and forty-five elected officials who rejected REAL ID were a bunch of rubes who hated progress and who senselessly rejected the benevolent instructions of their superiors in Washington, D.C.

Today’s condescending attitude toward opponents of REAL ID was adopted early on by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) that for years now has been quietly ignoring Oklahoma law and implementing REAL ID anyway.  The reality is, we have had REAL ID for some time.

Ten Years Later

With the governor’s [recent] signature…the State of Oklahoma is now set to become officially compliant with the federal REAL ID Act of 2005.  Only eighteen House members recognized the dangers:  Representatives John Bennett, Dunlap, Moore, Strohm, Brumbaugh, Faught, Murphey, Rick West, Calvey, Gann, Sean Roberts, Williams, Cleveland, Hardin, Russ, Derby, McDugle, and Stone.  Only eleven Senate members saw the dangers:  Senators Allen, Brown, Newhouse, Silk, Boggs, Dahm, Quinn, Sykes, Brecheen, Loveless, and Shortey.

Repent and Repair

Our officials have already capitulated.  So, now what?  In an effort to provide some damage control, Majority Leader Echols is still advancing HB 1465, which would allow knowledgeable citizens to opt out of REAL ID with “guarantees” that their private data would not be shared outside the state.  It would also create an auditing mechanism in an effort to hold DPS accountable to these requirements, a mechanism that was lacking in Oklahoma’s 2007 nullification law.  While this is not the perfect solution to a hideous problem, it does offer other legislators a chance to repent and somewhat repair the damage they have caused by failing to keep DPS in check and failing to protect all Oklahomans from federal overreach.


Truth does not change with the passage of time.  A different political climate, public opinion reshaped by propaganda, and heightened federal threats do not make REAL ID any less horrible now than when we rejected it ten years ago.  We are now living in the Federal District of Oklahoma.  REAL ID is only one part of the imminent threat that the federal government has become to our personal privacy, property, and liberty.

So, you do not want to vaccinate your children?  Here is a yellow star for your ID card.  You must stay out of schools and other public places.  Oh, you want to defend yourself?  Guns are for authorized state personnel only.  Do we understand correctly that your church views abortion as murder rather than health care?  We have officially marked your cult as a terrorist cell.  Do not be surprised when you cannot fly or leave the state.  Prefer cash to electronic transfers, do you?  You are now operating an unauthorized business, which is hereby terminated.  Want to school your kids at home?  You naïve dissenter; those are not your kids—they belong to the state.  You are directed to report to the nearest reeducation camp.  State transportation will be provided.

In 2007, practically every elected official moved to protect our liberty and the sovereignty of our state.  Ten years later, the defenders of liberty have become few in number.

Someday, some state somewhere is going to have to stand up to Washington and its mandates to administer Gestapo-style controls.  Where will they take a stand?  Abortion, pedophilia, taxation, licensing, regulation, medical mandates, self-defense?  All of these issues are interconnected.  They are not stand-alone issues.  In each case there is a wrong way and right way to govern; there is man’s way or God’s way.  Man’s way leads to tyranny, slavery, and poverty.  God’s way leads to liberty and prosperity.


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