Bullet-Point Bio: William Floyd

-Our first delegate from New York.
-He lived from December 17th, 1734 – August 4th, 1821.
-He was born in Brookhaven, Long Island.
-William’s ancestors came to America from Wales in 1654.
-He was born into a wealthy family and was homeschooled by his father.
-While in his teens, William took charge of managing the family estate and raising his siblings when his father died.
-He married Hannah Jones and they had three children. After Hannah’s death, he married Johanna Strong and they had five children.

-Marilyn Boyer writes,

“One of his daughters, Mary Floyd, later became the wife of Colonel Benjamin Talmadge, chief of General Washington’s Secret Service, who played an important part in uncovering the treason of Benedict Arnold.”

-William began speaking out against British taxes early on.
-He was appointed as a delegate to both the First and Second Continental Congress.
-His estate and property suffered much damage at the hands of the British during the American War for Independence.
-William served as a state senator in the New York assembly from 1777-1788.

-Author John Sanderson wrote,

“There was in his conduct, both in public and private life, a characteristic sincerity which never failed to inspire confidence; and which combined with the warmth and spirit with which he opposed the usurpations of the British government, had acquired for him an extensive popularity.”

-He was chosen to be a presidential elector in 1800, 1804, and again in 1820, but did not attend the meeting of the electoral college in 1820.
-He helped re-write the New York State constitution.
-The town of Floyd, New York was named for him as well as various institutions all across New York, including a parkway, library, school district, and school.





-Photo credit: Wikipedia public domain
– Wikipedia.org
For You They Signed, Marilyn Boyer
Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence, John Sanderson

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