Missouri Day Recap

Last week, we celebrated Missouri Day here in Kansas City, Missouri.  This was a joint project with a number of YPL members participating.  Today, I want to give you a brief overview of what we did.

So first off, why Missouri Day?  We wanted to share with our fellow Missourians about the history and heritage of our state.  Too many people don’t know the history and heritage of their own state!  That was why the evening was full of Missouri history and trivia.  We wanted those who attended to know about the history of Missouri and how it became a state.  While we celebrated on June 3, a Saturday, we selected June 4 as Missouri Day.  This is because on June 4, 1812, the region was officially organized into the self-governing territory of Missouri.

Daniel started off the evening by giving an introduction on why we were holding ‘Missouri Day’ and thanking everyone for coming out for the evening.

Pastor Dan Pentimone came up and prayed for God’s blessing on the evening, and gave thanks for the freedom that God, the Author of Liberty, has so graciously given us.

Savannah then briefly shared about Young Patriots for Liberty.  She touched on why we exist, what we do, and the passion that we have to stand for liberty.

Daniel then asked the guests some Missouri trivia questions.  Everyone who gave the correct answers to the questions got a chocolate bar!

Next up was Jacob Turk, a local Constitutional Conservative who has run for congressional office.  He spoke about the Tenth Amendment, which states that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Afterwards, we had another round of trivia, this time just for younger children, and then sang “My Country Tis of Thee.”  I was inspired as we sang from the fourth verse, “Our father’s God to, Thee, Author of Liberty, to Thee we sing.”

Retired Lt. Col. Tony Monetti, currently running for US Senate, shared on the topic “What it means to be a Missourian”.  He shared his personal story of joining the Air Force and fighting for liberty.

One special event was our pie give-away for a famous Missouri Pie!  We gave away two USS Missouri Butter Cream Pies.  This was Harry S. Truman’s favorite pie, served to him while he was on the USS Missouri – a President from our state on a ship named for our state!

We wrapped up the evening, with an explanation by Savannah about the Missouri flag, Sabrina reading from the Missouri constitution, and a historical sketch of early Missouri by Daniel.

Overall, Missouri Day was a great success!  We were thankful to all who came out and made it possible.  Also, we were privileged to hear from Jacob Turk and Tony Monetti. Please plan to join YPL for future state events!



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