YOUR Topics: Ways to Get Involved

Hey, everybody!

Two weeks ago, we discussed how to lobby.  Today, we’ll consider some other avenues through which you can begin to impact your political environment.

As a disclaimer, let me say that, while I support involvement with the GOP, I understand that many conservatives feel betrayed by the GOP, and have joined third parties, such as the Constitutional Party or the Libertarian Party.  I, too, have been disappointed by the compromised legislation promulgated by our Republican representatives in Congress.  While I have personally resolved to fight for liberty within the Republican Party, my intention is that the suggestions given below will be useful regardless of your party affiliation.  I hope that you’ll take these suggestions and expand on them to impact your world for God and our Country!

Get involved in your county GOP

Most county parties have various activities in which you can participate several times a year.  For example, my county GOP sets up booths at several community events each year.  Our goal is to promote Republican ideals by being friendly, creating a bond, and distributing concise, convincing pamphlets and other informational materials; and to empower fellow republicans and encourage them to get involved.  These events can be great places to propagate the ideals you hold dear!

You can even affect the direction of your local party!  Though I am blessed to live in a county that has very conservative, constitutional GOP leadership, I have met and heard of those who are not so fortunate.  In many precincts and counties, the local GOP is lacking in leadership, participation, and support.  If this situation represents your local GOP, consider making efforts to revive the party and restore a conservative sentiment within your party and county!

Get involved in grassroots efforts

If you feel that your county GOP doesn’t represent truly republican ideals, there are many grassroots organizations, such as Heritage Action, AFA Action, and FRC Action, as well as state organizations, that provide many opportunities for involvement, regardless of your county.  For my family and me, this kind of involvement has provided a great time of lobbying various issues, especially home education freedom and pro-life legislation.  A couple benefits of organizations like these are the provision of community with like-minded patriots and the name recognition of the organization.

Call/email your legislators

This is something we covered in “Lobbying Made Easy!”  It’s a great way to let your legislator directly hear your input!  This applies both to state and federal legislatures.  Click here for some helpful tips on calling and emailing your legislators, as well as other ways to get involved!  If you’re wondering how to find your legislators’ or congress-members’ contact information, check out our “Helpful Resources” page.  I hope this has given you some good ideas for how to start making a difference!  May God bless you as you start standing for Him and our Nation’s founding principles!




Heritage Action:

AFA Action:

AFA State Affiliates:

FRC Action:

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