YPL at Reclaiming America for Christ

Hello Readers! 

We had such a wonderful time at the Reclaiming America for Christ conference a couple weekends ago, and wanted to share some pictures with you all! 

Reclaiming America for Christ is a wonderful ministry that encourages and equips Christians, churches, and pastors to engage and impact America for Christ through conferences, seminars, emails and other resources.  Their annual worldview conference has hosted such speakers as KrisAnne Hall, Mat Staver, Josh McDowell, Alex McFarland, Bob McEwen, and others, and has educated Christians in worldview, Christian and Creation apologetics, Biblical economics, and political action, as well as other topics.  At this year’s conference, we really enjoyed hearing from Dr. Frank Turek, J. Warner Wallace, and Dr. Mike Adams as they presented forensic evidence that the Bible is accurate and reliable and how a Christian can thrive in the midst of the strong opposition to God that takes place on many secular universities.

From RAFC’s mission statement:

“Our goal is to implement the strategy of Nehemiah.  The Israelites rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in a miraculous 52 days.  The strategy was for each family to focus on one section of the wall, not looking to their left or right.  Together the job was completed in record time.

“Rather than trying to tackle 3.71 million square miles and 318 million people, our goal is to focus on each church.  As churches have become paper thin on fundamental truths, we have produced a generation of paper thin Christians which reflects on the culture.  If each pastor will focus on evangelizing and discipling the flock God has entrusted to him, then lead his flock in engaging the community around him, they can RECLAIM their community.  Churches and Communities working together can RECLAIM a city.  Cities working together can RECLAIM a state.  States working together can RECLAIM the country – A GREAT AWAKENING.”

We definitely had a lot of fun meeting people that care about the same thing we do — reaching the next generation of leaders with the principles that made America special! 

Many thanks to the wonderful speakers, Moore First Baptist Church, Fairview Baptist Church, and many more for putting so much into the conference!  I would like to specifically mention J. Warner Wallace, who spent quite a while talking with us and investing in our lives.  It was a pleasure to meet and spend some time with him! 

Setting up, and making sure Benjamin did it right!

Setting up!

Having way too much fun!

Meeting new people!

Visiting with Mr. Wallace about his experiences surrounding the movie God’s Not Dead 2!

The booth team (plus a few!) with J. Warner Wallace!  Mr. Wallace is a retired homicide detective from the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department and the author of Cold Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith.  We had an incredible time hanging out with him!  Thank you, J. Warner Wallace!

The booth team with Pastor Dan Fisher!  Mr. Fisher heads up Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment, a ministry dedicated to bringing back the spirit of America’s 18th-century patriot pastors.  He is the senior pastor of Liberty Church of Yukon, Oklahoma and has served in ministry for forty-one years.

The booth team with Dr. James Taylor!  On top of running for Congress, Dr. Taylor is a husband, father, school teacher, and author of It’s Biblical, Not Political: How To Lind Up Candidates Biblically.  He has also served as pastor of Christ’s Church in Norman, Oklahoma for forty-one years. 

We were tremendously blessed to visit with these great leaders! 

See you at the next event!



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