NGV Friday: Watch Your Language! How Border Security is More Integrative Than Open Borders 

Where would America be without immigration?  Nearly every non-immigrant American is descended from immigrants.  If it weren’t for immigration we wouldn’t have things such as Apple, Google, YouTube, cellphones, and thanks to Einstein, nuclear energy (which thankfully ensured that the Nazis didn’t win the war).  So to answer my question, America wouldn’t be nearly as great of a nation as we are today if we didn’t have immigration.

Then there’s the lovely question of border security.  Some want strong security, others none at all, whilst more are in the middle.  First and foremost, America is a sovereign nation, we’ve a right to delegate how we accept immigrants, if any.  We’ve our own national identity and culture, immigration should add to culture, not damage it.  Most of the immigrants that made a positive change to America became Americans, they integrated to our society.  Immigration should keep us as one society, “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Immigration should integrate, not segregate.  If we fail to archive integration, the immigrants wouldn’t be a part of our society, and that would cause unnecessary conflict.  For example, say we have an illegal immigrant that moves to America, has little understanding of our laws, society, and language.  How would the native population respond?  Such an immigrant would stick out like a sore thumb, it would be difficult for him to become a part of our society.  Our laws and culture may be vastly different to what he is used to, and a lack of understanding of such would put a bad name on him and immigrants like him.  Without being able to speak English properly, his interaction with the majority of Americans would be difficult, and that could possibly cause ill will.

If this illegal immigrant had a child that was in a similar predicament, how would he make friends?  How would he fit in with the other kids his age?  Note that I’m not going through the “go with what everyone else does” or “peer pressure” deal, I’m simply stating that this child and his father would have unnecessary difficulty in America.  Not properly integrating immigrants into our society is unfair to the immigrants.

Immigration isn’t supposed to implant foreigners, it’s supposed to bring neighbors.  If people that can’t communicate with the majority of Americans and don’t understand our society are brought here, then what do you expect to happen?  It creates societal lines that divide people, like language and culture.  This open borders policy touts respect for various cultures when it actually fosters a racist environment.

Think of segregation.  It creates significant conflict, even with the “separate but equal” jargon.  Jump to the apartheid in Africa, which actually was an attempt to reduce racial conflict, and it caused horrible racism.  How much more conflict would a linguistic difference cause?  If immigrants are not properly integrated into our society then we are, in effect, segregating them from the rest of America.

Then there’s the deal with safety, a racist environment isn’t safe, but to allow people to come over the borders without any form of background checks is dangerous as well.  There’s a reason why retailers are required by law to have background checks when they sell guns.  To keep the “bad guys” from getting them.  Yet you don’t hear gun owners saying “Lo! For we, the humble subjects of our land, art truly discriminated against!”  Because it’s not discrimination.  Neither is age validation for alcohol consumption, or requiring one to show their I.D. at the Democratic convention.  Especially with all the crime and gangs in Mexico and ISIS (which indubitably wants to infiltrate our borders) we need some method to ensure these criminals and terrorists stay out.

Immigration really is a rather simple thing, we need to make sure that the bad guys stay out, and that the good guys integrate into our society.  It’s not racist, just good practice.

Once again in customary fashion to my word of the article, I must warn you – avoid becoming ‘vinomadefied.’

The New Generation Voters Team –

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