Bullet-Point Bio: George Ross

-One of the signers from Pennsylvania.

-George Ross was born in New Castle, Delaware on May 10, 1730.  While his father was a minister, George, along with his siblings, received an excellent classical education in their home.

-In his teenage years, he became interested in law and learned about it in the office of his older brother, John. At the age of 20 he was admitted to the Bar in Philadelphia.

-Early on, he was a Tory and even served as a Crown Prosecutor for 12 years.

-In 1751, he married Ann Lawler and together they had two sons and one daughter.

-Then, in 1768, he was elected to the provincial legislature of his state.  It was then that he began having problems with parliament and changed his political standings.

-He was later elected to the Continental Congress and served as a colonel in the Pennsylvania militia from the years 1775-1776.  He later resigned because of poor health.

-While he was a colonel in the Continental Army in 1776, he started negotiations with the northwestern Indians on behalf of the Colony.

-In 1776, when he signed the Declaration of Independence, he signed as the last Pennsylvania delegation.

-He died at the age of 49, in the year 1779, and was buried at the Christ Church burial ground in Philadelphia.




Signers of the Declaration of Independence

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