The Junior Patriot: The Battle of Siddim

Rebellion had grown.  Discontent was brewing.

Bera, Birsha, Sinab, Shemeber, and Zoar were tired of Chedarlaomer’s rule.  These five kings decided to ally and rebel after his 12 year reign.  What could a king nearly 300 miles away do?  Nothing . . . or so they thought!

But Chedarlaomer didn’t just sit around.  He rallied his own allies: Amraphel, king of Shinar; Arioch, king of Ellasar; and Tidal, king of nations.  As soon as they were prepared, they got moving.

But instead of taking the direct route to the Valley of Siddim, where the rebel kings had gathered, he had decided to attack some other cities along the way.  His plan had taken him way south and back up to Siddim.

He found rebels waiting for him.  After a short battle, the rebels gave up and fled to the mountains.  Chedarlaomer, triumphant, took not only the spoils of war, but also enslaved the inhabitants including a rich man named Lot (who, by the way, had nothing to do with the battle).  This is where he messed up.

He didn’t realize Lot had an uncle nearby who was also rich–Abram.  One of the survivors ran and told Abram what had happened.  When Abram heard that, he quickly got moving!  He immediately armed 318 trained servants and ran after Chedarlaomer.  Abram divided his servants and coordinated an attack at night.

Now wait just a moment . . . what’s this guy Abram doing?  He’s chasing after a huge army with 318 servants!  Really?!  What was he thinking?  Did he forget these guys had just licked five other kings?  Was he being courageous or outrageous?  Okay, back to the story to find out how this all worked out . . .

They caught Chedarlaomer’s sleepy soldiers off guard, and they ran for their lives!  They left Lot, their captives, and their spoils all behind in their haste.  However, instead of keeping the captives and spoils for himself, Abram freed Lot and the captives, and returned the spoils.  He even rejected a reward from the king of Sodom.

The secret to Abram’s success was that he believed in the one true God.  And his enemies were all idol-worshipers.  With God’s help he defeated a numerically superior army.  The very same army that had just defeated five other kings.  He couldn’t have done it alone, but with God’s help, he did the impossible.

What can we learn?  In the book of Luke, it says, ”For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  In Philippians it says that ” I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ”  That means that when we trust in the Lord, we can accomplish any task that is set before us.  We probably won’t face the same circumstances, but this can be applied to ALL THINGS.  Nothing is impossible when we trust in His power.


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