Bullet Point Bio: George Taylor

-George Taylor was a signer of the Declaration of Independence from Pennsylvania.

-Taylor was born in Ireland but moved to the colonies at the age of 20 in the year 1736.

-Since Taylor’s father was a clergyman and had little money to pay for his American passage, he was indentured to an ironmaster at Warwick Furnace and Coventry Forge.

-In 1742, when Taylor’s boss died, he married his widowed wife, Ann. Taylor kept the ironwork running until Ann’s first child was of legal age to take it over.

-The Taylor’s kept the work going until they formed a partnership to lease the Durham Furnace.

-From 1757-1763 Taylor served as the Justice of the Peace in Bucks County. Then in 1764 he was commissioned in Northampton County as the Justice of the Peace as well as to the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly.

-In 1768, after building a huge house over several years, Ann died. Then in 1776, he sold his estate and moved to Durham.

-Taylor was reelected to the Assembly in 1775. Later that year he was commissioned as a colonel in the Third Battalion of the Pennsylvania Militia.

-In 1776, when the Continental Congress voted for Independence, five of the Pennsylvania delegates, all loyalists, were forced to resign their positions. George Taylor was appointed to one of the open five seats. He was too late to be able to vote for independence, but did sign the Declaration of Independence.

-Taylor only served in the Congress for seven months. In 1777 when the Assembly appointed a new delegation from Pennsylvania, Taylor was not among those to be re-nominated.

-In March he was instead elected to Pennsylvania’s Supreme Executive Council. Several months afterwards, Taylor fell ill and retired from public affairs.

-Taylor moved to Easton in 1780 and died in the year 1781. He was 65 years old.


Taken from Wikipedia and Signers of the Declaration of Independence

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