Reverse Engineering: The Destruction of Marriage, Part I

By The Conservative Apologist

A few months ago, I was discussing the nature of social change and the decline of Christianity with a professor of mine.  She saw this change as healthy, citing the example of marriage in the 1950’s, which she believed to be very unhealthy.  I countered her point by asking, “And do you really think that marriage is in a healthier state now?”  After which, she was silent.

The point is, regardless of political beliefs, everyone seems to be aware that the institution of marriage is falling apart.  We all see the various symptoms of this decline: abuse, infidelity, same-sex marriage, divorce, etc.  Everyone seems to understand there’s a problem, but how did we arrive at this point?  How did marriage and sexuality become so corrupted?

Just like most social changes, it didn’t happen overnight.  The seeds were planted generations ago.  Many ideologies are often blamed to some degree, such as the Enlightenment, The French Revolution, existentialism, and others.  However, these ideologies were not the direct creators of the sexual revolution.

One of the primary initiators of the sexual revolution was Sigmund Freud.  He’s often referred to as the founder of psychology, but apparently, he was also a pervert.  He reduced almost all human psychology down to sexual desire, making humanity little more than a sexual animal.  The moral implications of this are staggering because animals do not commit moral or immoral acts.  They simply follow their impulses.  So, by equating human desires to instinctual animal desires, it follows that no human sexual desire can ultimately be considered immoral.

The second contributor to the sexual revolution was Alfred Kinsey.  He was most famous for writing, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, in which he carried out the logic of Freud.  He explained that if man is really an animal, he should pursue every sexual desire that he has, and he should not resist any of his impulses.  Of course, Kinsey’s book created a major controversy in its day, but that didn’t stop it from having a major impact on the way people understood human sexuality.

The third influencer of the sexual revolution, and one whose impacted was experienced by the broader culture, was Hugh Hefner. During the continual assault on the public understanding of human sexuality by Freud and Kinsey, Hefner capitalize on this assault by creating Playboy Magazine.  His pornographic magazine combined academic and educational articles with pornographic photos of women.  This creative combination made the practice of looking at pornography seem normal—even sophisticated.

Other factors that contributed to the sexual revolution was the advancements in contraception.  In the 1960s, contraceptive pills became readily available, and for the first-time human sexuality became separated from procreation.  This is something we take for granted in the 21st century, but, in the 60s, it was revolutionary.

In 1973, abortion became legal in the United States by a ruling of the Supreme Court.  Not only is abortion heinous because it kills innocent children, but it also contributed to the modern degradation of human sexuality.  Abortion became a way of hiding guilt for some, and a way of escaping consequences for others.  This new legal ‘procedure’ further divided sexuality and procreation.  Many people began to see children as an inconvenient side-effect to sexuality, rather than gifts from God.

Since the 1960s, these problems have been further compounded since the advent of the internet and modern entertainment.  Pornography can now be accessed 24/7 in any form or genre imaginable.  This continual access has created unrealistic expectations for what human sexuality within marriage should be.  Pornography has corrupted the minds of young people, so much so that they are seemingly un-phased by the sexuality featured in modern entertainment.  Our society has become so numb to sexual corruption that they’re not even offended by it anymore.

Many believe they can escaped the corrupting influenced of the culture, but they have become so immersed in it that they no longer realize its negative impact on their lives.  Others are shocked by the #metoo movement, but what should be expected from generations of objectifying women and the insistence that sex is nothing but animal instinct.  If people have been taught to see others as sexual objects, then why is anyone surprised when someone illegally acts on these sexual impulses?

With all this perversion, how do we heal our society?  How do we help to repair our perspective on ourselves and on each other?  How do we redeem our sexuality?  And how do we learn to see beyond bodies and learn to see each other as human once again?

To be continued…


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