Reverse Engineering: The Deconstruction of Marriage Part II

By The Conservative Apologist

In my previous article, I addressed various causes which lead to the sexual breakdown of modern society. However, that is only half the battle.  Anyone can point to problems in society, they are numerous and easy to find.  But that doesn’t bring us any closer to solving these problems, any more than knowing your car won’t start will help you get it running again.  Constructive awareness is required if the deconstruction of marriage is to be reversed.

First, societally speaking, it is necessary that we end human trafficking.  The estimated annual revenue from human trafficking is well over 30 billion dollars. Oftentimes we turn a blind eye to it, because the issue may not have an immediate impact on our lives.  But we must find a way to end this modern slavery.  In the media storm which has surrounded president Trump since he entered office, it has somehow gone unnoticed that he has cracked down on human trafficking, and for that I applaud him.

Secondly, and this follows from the first point, it is crucial that we raise awareness about the evils of pornography.  A lifetime of easy access to porn has numbed the minds of consumers to its horrible effects—this must be reversed.  Porn objectifies people and leads to unrealistic expectations about human sexuality.  The longer a person indulges in pornographic habits, the harder it becomes to break free from its bondage.

Pornography and human trafficking are inextricably connected.  Many individuals featured in pornographic videos are not only drugged, they are slaves held against their will.  The porn industry makes more money than the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, and the MLB combined.  It has become a major world industry, and it is high time for the world to stop ignoring this human rights atrocity.

Rather than resisting Pornography, the culture continues to accept it as mainstream entertainment, such as Fifty Shades of Grey, Game of Thrones, The Witcher video game trilogy, and countless others that people no longer classify as porn.  A few decades ago, these series would not just be considered soft-core porn, but would be listed as hard-core porn. Our society has decayed so rapidly that people no longer seem capable of moral outraged. Instead, they will spend their time and hard-earned money to support it.

Thirdly, parents need to be more willing to discuss these issues with their children.  Before the internet, parents could wait for their children to ask questions about sex. But now, children are more likely to search out their questions on the internet rather than ask their parents. In this day and age, parents cannot risk being beaten to the punch.  The problem is that many parents have a “My child could never do that” mentality; but in this sexually saturated world, where pornography is one click away, this mentality doesn’t do anything but create ample opportunities for their children to fall into temptation, and to do so totally alone.

The fourth thing to do is also connected to the third.  We need to be willing to break down barriers and open communications to help people deal with their broken sexual pasts.  Many people no longer live in the real world, but in the cyber world of social media and the internet.  All this creates a false persona where people become incapable of connecting through legitimate, honest conversation.  People are unwilling to be vulnerable.  This problem has become so prevalent that it has seeped into the church as well.  People become so concerned about looking perfect on Sunday mornings that they often lose the ability to connect with other people about the very issues the church community is designed to help.

Fifth, and most importantly, its time for people to stop talking about marriage in a merely trial-oriented way. Oftentimes people get so caught up talking about marital difficulties that they forget to talk about the healing that comes through marriage.  God has created a way for people to heal through companionship with someone who knows and understands them.  Married people (I am guilty of this too) often get so caught up with the negative aspects of their relationship that they forget to focus on the positives that can lead to hope and healing.

A woman recently told me that she grew up in church her entire life, and people talked about marriage as if it’s just what one had to do.  They never talked about the beauty and joy that comes through finding a person to love and to fully give one’s self to. There can be no greater sexual healing than that.  But this woman grew up only hearing that marriage is what we were supposed to do, not that marriage is what we were designed to do.

There are many problems in our society, and there many possible solutions.  But it is my conviction that Christianity offers a solution that no one else can offer: hope.  The Scriptures point people to forgiveness and healing, as well as to a better, healthier, and happier life. The message of Christianity offers hope and healing by focusing onthe true Healer—the only Physician who can heal broken hearts.


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