Bullet-Point Bio: George Read

-George Read was a signer of the Declaration of Independence from Delaware.

-Read was the son of John and Mary Read and was born in Maryland on September 18, 1733.  While still an infant, his family moved to New Castle County Delaware.

-George Read went to Allison’s Academy at New London with Thomas McKean and then studied law in Philadelphia.

-In 1753, he was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar, and after finishing there he returned home to establish his own practice.

-In 1763, he married Gertrude Ross Till.  Together they had five children.  They were both members of the Immanuel Episcopal Church.

-John Penn, the Proprietary Governor, appointed Read in 1763 to be the Crown Attorney General for three Delaware counties.  He served in that position into 1774 when he left to take a position in the Continental Congress.

-On June 15, 1776, in anticipation of the Declaration of Independence, the General Assembly of the Lower Counties of Delaware came out and declared its separation from the British Government.  After the Declaration was adopted, Read was elected as President of the General Assembly of Delaware to help draft the Delaware Constitution.

-In October of 1777, John McKinly, the president of Delaware was captured.  George Read took the position of President until March of 1778.

-George Read served in the Legislative Council from 1778-1779.  He was then elected to the House of Assembly until 1782.  He then returned to the Legislative Council until 1788.  Then, in 1782 he became the Judge of the Court of Appeals in Cases of Capture.

-After the US Constitution was adopted, Read was elected as one of two senators from the state of Delaware.  His first term ended in 1789 but was reelected in 1791 and later resigned in 1793 to become the Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court.

-In September 1798, George Read suffered from poor health and retired from his official duties.  He died on September 21stand was buried in the Immanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery.


Taken from: Wikipedia and The Signers of the Declaration of Independence

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