Bullet-Point Bio: Charles Carroll

-Charles Carroll was born in September 1737 in Maryland to Charles Carroll and Elizabeth Brooke.

-At a young age Carroll received his education from the Bohemia Mano and at the age of eleven, was sent to France to finish his education on at the College of Omer. He graduated in 1755.  He stayed in Europe and studied law before returning to Maryland in 1765.

-Carroll inherited the Carrollton Manor and became the wealthiest man in Maryland, owning the large manor of Doughoregan and the Hockley Forge and Mill.

-Early on, Carroll was not interested in politics, but when the dispute started to grow between Great Britain and the colonies, Carroll soon became a powerful voice for the cause of independence.

-Carroll started writing under the pseudonym “First Citizen” to the Maryland Gazette against Great Britain hostility toward the Colonies.

-In 1775, Carroll was elected as a delegate to the Annapolis Convention.

-Carroll was elected to the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.  He arrived too late to vote in favor of the Declaration of Independence, but was able to sign the official document.  Carroll was the last living signatory of the Declaration of Independence.

-In 1780 Carroll declined his re-election to the Continental Congress and was elected in 1781 to the Maryland State Senate.

-When the United States government was formed, Charles Carroll was elected by the Maryland legislature to the first United States Senate.

-Carroll resigned from public and political life in 1801.  Though in 1827 he left retirement to help create the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

-Carroll died on November 14, 1832 in Baltimore at the age of 95.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia Public Domain

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