Bullet-Point Bio: Samuel Chase

-Samuel Chase was born to Reverend Thomas and Matilda Chase near Princess Anne, Maryland in 1741.

-Chase was educated at home and then moved to Annapolis where he studied law.  In 1761, he was admitted to the bar and started his own law practice.

-In 1762, Chase marred Ann Baldwin and together they had seven children.  His wife died fourteen years later in 1776.

-Chase was elected to the Maryland General Assembly in 1762 where he served for twenty years.

-Chase, along with his friend William Paca, founded the Anne Arundel County’s Sons of Liberty.  Together, they also led an opposition against the 1765 Stamp Act.

-From 1774 to 1776 he was elected a member of the Annapolis Convention as well as representing Maryland at the Continental Congress.  During that time, he signed the Declaration of Independence.

-Chase stayed in the Continental Congress until 1778.

-Then, in 1784, Chase met Hannah Kilty and married her as he was traveling in England,working with Maryland’s Bank of England stock.

-In 1786 Chase moved to Baltimore and stayed there the rest of his life.  He served as the Chief Justice of the District Criminal Court in Baltimore until 1796.

-President Washington appointed Chase as the associate Justice of the Supreme Court in 1796 and he served in that position until his death in June 1811.


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