The American Academia-Soviet Simile and The Free Speech Wars

Yes, there is an ongoing threat to the freedom of speech on college campuses.  The persistence of the academic elite to enforce a subjective standard of what speech is deemed acceptable on student bodies across the U.S. continues to double down on its resistance to logic and reason.  If there is a continued imperviousness to diverse opinion amongst the liberal elites, how can their positions be justified when they refuse to have their beliefs tested in the intellectual market?

We see such developments occurring now in universities such as The University of Minnesota, where students will now be forced against their consciences to use arbitrary pronouns to refer to gender.  Not only is this dangerous, but its mind-control aspirations undercut the very meaning of education entirely.

The Soviet Union practiced similar measures itself (albeit on a much more tyrannical scale) when education curriculums in the USSR were (and still are) strictly controlled by the state, and students of every age group were forced to join organizations that were injected with state-loving, single-minded doctrines (e.g. The Octoberists, The Pioneers and The Komsomol).

Today’s academia, not falling far from the Soviet tree, fallaciously dismisses any discussion of diversity of opinion as white supremacist hyperbole rooted in Western hegemonic philosophy, irrespective of whether they have evidence to support such claims or not. Professor Jason Hill stated eloquently on the American Academia-Soviet simile, “Cultural Marxism, defined as anti-capitalist cultural critique, is the educational trope that mediates all forms of learning in today’s universities — and it is simply a guise under which to politically indoctrinate students into becoming socialists who will do anything to prohibit freedom of speech on college campuses.  We are witnessing a generation that will not tolerate other perspectives, students who will not hear opposing ideologies.”

Recently, Evergeen State College was once again at the center of controversy.  Stacy Brown, Evergreen’s police-chief from 2016-17, is in the middle of a tort claim she filed against the university for continued abuse she received as police chief, such as “…when (student) protesters disrupted her swearing-in ceremony, blocking the podium and chanting ‘(expletive) cops!’”

In a nod to Professor Hill, the real-life Soviet-style antics of universities continues to crush any ability for education to fortify students and their belief systems by challenging them.  In an effort to tyrannically “cushion the blows” of disagreement, the liberal elites have instituted cultural-Marxist supremacy as the educational foundation for modern-day American academics.

White supremacy can be critiqued and condemned by the public sphere (we are free to do so), but any “pointing of the fingers” to the tyranny of cultural-Marxist supremacy on college campuses is met with political punishments handed down from Student-Affairs offices (e.g. Kennesaw State University free-speech zones), and even pushback by direct advocacy of violence by triggered student-interest groups.

Such policies illustrate the greatest forms of tyrannical bias, though they paint themselves as upholding neutrality.  As Larry P. Arn argues from his book The Founders’ Key on regulatory action, “ Those that regulate people have their favorites: some ethnic groups get protected, some do not; some regions get protected, some do not; women, in the majority, are grouped with minorities for protection and therefore form part of a large majority – but we call it a minority anyway.”  The academic elites are not neutral (it would be ludicrous to think so), and they’ll only further an environment that suits their own political and cultural biases, ignoring the true tenets of diversity altogether.

James Madison, intent on curbing the problem of factional tyranny (which is prevalent in cultural-marxism), argued in Federalist No. 51 that, “Whilst all authority in it (the republic) will be derived from and dependent on the society, the society itself will be broken into so many parts, interests and classes of citizens, that the rights of individuals, or of the minority, will be in little danger of interested combinations of the majority.”  The liberal elites continue to spit on this intrinsic foundation of American prudence by enforcing homogeneity on college campuses across states oxymoronically in the name of “neutrality”.

Freedom of speech is the root of education, as Christian Alejandro Gonzalez argued from a moderate position, “The beliefs with which graduating students enter their professions will inevitably shape the contours of our institutions.”  If this is the case, do we leave the American Academia-Soviet simile to continue, or do we hold true to the Framers’ ethics of free intellectual thought and opinion and fight against the cultural-Marxist hegemony that is blanketing colleges everywhere?  The Soviet Union is dead and should stay dead.  We shouldn’t let its rotting corpse influence the way we educate the next generation.  The choice is ours alone.


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