Bullet-Point Bio: William Paca

-William Paca was born in October 1740 near Abingdon, Maryland.  He was the second born of seven children to John and Elizabeth Paca.  William and his elder brother attended the Philadelphia Academy together.

-After finishing at the academy, Paca attended the College of Philadelphia and graduated with his Masters of Arts degree.

-After finishing his formal education, Paca returned to Maryland to study law under the leadership of Stephan Bordley.  In 1761, he received his license to officially practice law and was admitted to the provincial bar in 1764.

-William met Mary Chew and they were married in May of 1763. Together they had three children though only one survived to adulthood.

-Paca met Samuel Chase through law work and they quickly became good friends.  Together they led the local Annapolis opposition against the British Stamp Act of 1765.

-In 1771, Paca was elected to the Maryland legislature and later was elected to the Continental Congress in 1774.  He was later reelected and served until 1779.  William signed the Declaration of Independence as a Maryland representative.

-After finishing his term for the Continental Congress, Paca became the chief justice of the state of Maryland.  Then in 1780 he served asa federal judge on the Court of Appeals in Cases of Capture.

-In 1782, Paca became the governor of Maryland and then in 1789 he received a seat from President Washington in the US District Court for the District of Maryland.  He was officially nominated for the US Senate on February 8, 1790.  He served in this position until his death.

-William Paca died in 1799 at his family estate in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, and was buried in the family cemetery.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia Public Domain

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