You Can Make a Difference

Two years ago, if someone had told me that Republicans would hold the House, Senate, and gain the White House, I would have (nicely!) disagreed with them.  After the emergence of the killer “October surprise” video clip, there seemed no feasible possibility of then-Republican nominee Donald Trump besting Democrat Hillary Clinton.  Boy, was I wrong, and am I glad I was!

Since the 2016 election, President Trump and our Republican Congress have brought about one of the greatest economic recoveries in American history, installed not just one, but two (!) new conservative justices on the Supreme Court, and restored respect for our nation around the world.  Based on these results alone, it’s safe to say they’ve kept their promises made on the campaign trail.  As conservatives, we need this string of success to continue, and the only thing it depends on is, you guessed it—YOU.

As we all know, the trend for any party completely in power is to lose control of one legislative arm during the midterm elections.  Democrat leftists know this, and are fighting tooth and nail to take back control of the House and Senate this November.  They’ve promised to repeal the tax cuts signed into law earlier this year and impeach both President Trump and our newly sworn-in Justice Kavanaugh for no reason.  This would nullify our critical legislative and judicial advancements and be a huge step back for conservatives.

That’s why it’s so important for you to vote this election season!  As a citizen of the freest nation on earth, you have the God-given responsibility to send the people who best represent your values to Washington, your state Capitol, and City Hall.  This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and act upon the results (or lack of them) of your already-elected officials.

But that’s not all.  Would you believe me if I told you that you can increase your impact?  By simply encouraging your friends and family to support your candidate, the chances of your making a difference can actually multiply!  People are much more likely to support your cause when you can show them there’s something worth fighting for!

But our system is corrupt, you might say; there’s no one good on the ballot.  And the sad truth may be that you’re right.  The only reason it is that way, however, is due to lack of involvement by people like yourself.  Stings, but it’s the truth.  You and I can change that, though, by taking action now and getting involved before it’s too late.

We hear it said every election that this is the most important one in our lifetime.  And every time we hear that, it’s so easy to roll our eyes and sarcastically agree.  But this time it’s different—the investment of our vote two years ago has not returned empty.  If that doesn’t move you, the threat by leftist Democrats to undo everything conservatives have achieved in that time should.

The time for action is now!  In order to stop the left and continue seeing conservative success, you and I must vote and turn others out to do so as well!  This IS the most important election of our lifetime—and you and I can truly make a difference!  I ask that you please do your part and get yourself and others out and vote November 6th!


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