The Change We Need

If you asked the everyday American what was one of the most divisive aspects of society, politics would assuredly be a top 5 answer. And thanks to the badmouthing, lying, and mudslinging, politics is rightly perceived as an estranging topic. From the lowly activist to the elected official, all are calling for change. But what exactly needs to change, and how can we change it?

The quick answer to this question is our message, or what we say. And though this is true to a certain extent, it is how we present our message that matters most. If two angry, bickering politicians are shouting it out on the debate stage, it won’t matter much to the audience what the two believe, but rather who is the most entertaining. Compare this to a debate between a level-headed man and another in which clear substantive differences are made. Instead of it becoming an entertainment show on who can best put the other down, the result is that people are much more able to align themselves with candidates based on actual policy rather than good, yet forgettable, punchlines.

In addition to reforming our presentation, our receptiveness to others’ presentations is important as well. By this, I do not mean embracing the policies of our liberal opponents—that would undermine our own cause. But rather our response, intertwined with our difference in positions, should be professional, and never personal. This not only shows respect for them and their views, but opens the door for a working relationship, and possibly a change of their views in the future.

Finally, how we conduct ourselves in victory is just as critical as our presentation and response. How we would wish ourselves to be treated in defeat is exactly how we should treat our opponents in triumph. Liberal or conservative, everyone is repulsed by harping behavior. Instead, let us offer the opposition the grace that only true Christians can give. This kind gesture will help contribute to a working relationship and restore the oft-broke bond of unity.

In conclusion, it is easy to see that a lot needs to change. However, we shouldn’t wait for it to magically occur, for we as citizens are the only ones who can bring it about. If we are to effect the true change our society so desperately needs, it is up to us as conservatives to turn back to the methods which helped create and keep America for nearly two hundred fifty years. It’s time to show a difference in both word and deed. May God help each and every one of us in doing so, and may God bless America.


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