I’m Not a Progressive, Here’s Why

I’m not a progressive, and I’ve been told that I haven’t given serious consideration to progressive ideas. I have (more than most), and I’m still not persuaded.

I’ll tell you, here and now, why I don’t subscribe to the progressive agenda. What I’m not going to do is tell you rumors, myths, or tabloid-style political news. (Yes, I’ve been guilty in the past. I’m sorry, and I’ve corrected it).

When I refer to the ‘progressive agenda,’ I’m talking about the left-leaning ideas that are currently espoused by many in America and the world. These ideas include, but are not limited to: socialism, expanded government, redefinition of human ‘rights’ (including healthcare as right), intersectionality, etc. 

So, without further ado, here is why I’m not a progressive:

  1. The Progressive Agenda Doesn’t Work. Like, ever. It just doesn’t work. Read history. Study the books. If you think that these ideas work well, lead to equitable societies, and diminish human suffering, then you may need to go back to middle school history class. I’m not trying to be mean, but we live in possibly the most historically illiterate time in western civilization. I can appreciate you and have great discussions with you on other concepts, but if you really think that socialism is good for a country, you honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. (If you want to protest with the example of western ‘socialist’ countries, remember Greece). I could go through other items on the agenda, but you get the point. It just doesn’t work in the real world.
  2. The Progressive Agenda Is Dangerous. I’m not saying this because I think it, or because conservatives today are saying this. Centuries ago, Alexis de Tocqueville foresaw progressive ideas. He warned against ‘the rights of society’ becoming important at the expense of ‘private rights.’ He said that this cannot happen without ‘very dangerous results.’ He warned of a dystopian society that relinquishes all its responsibilities to the government, until it entirely relieves the citizens ‘from the trouble of thinking.’ He wasn’t alone. The progressive movement was identified and feared generations ago.
  3. The Progressive Agenda Is in a Slippery Slide. I don’t mean that it is on a slippery slope – I mean that it is already tumbling, head-over-heel, down the mountain. Grabbing at the nearest greasy blade of grass isn’t going to arrest this plummet from reality. The UK lets hospitals kill kids without parental consent. We literally have people advocating post-birth infanticide. Now some say that pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation. The edge of the slippery slope ended a long time ago. Or, as Douglas Wilson would say, the things we feared are now just smallish objects in the rearview mirror. No, of course not everyone who accepts the progressive agenda agrees with these things. The point is that the agenda is taking you somewhere that you might now want to end up.
  4. The Progressive Agenda Is Based on Godless Philosophy. In case you were still in the dark about this, the progressive thinkers and philosophers were not exceptionally good guys. Marx, Lenin,  and others provided a philosophical underpinning for the progressive agenda, but they weren’t exactly seeking to create a more Christian society. The philosophy that undergirds the progressive movement is atheistic to the core. This doesn’t mean that all the philosophers called themselves atheists, but their philosophy isn’t based on, doesn’t need, and often contradicts the Christian conception of God.
  5. The Progressive Agenda Is Anti-Biblical. Yes, I had to choose that word very carefully, and no, don’t get so worked up. I didn’t say that every person who holds to progressive ideas is anti-God or can’t be a Christian. Far from it. Many Christians hold to progressive ideas, but they do so in spite of, not because of, their faith. (Side note – sitting on the right side of the aisle doesn’t make you any more spiritual. You need to examine your beliefs, rather than accept them). But back to my point – if you hold to the ideas of the progressive left, you won’t find support in the Bible (unless you look really, really hard, that is, create it). I’m far from saying that our current system is great, but the Bible directly contradicts these theories and ideas. (I know you want me to elaborate. I wish I had time). If you need further evidence: look at the societies that progressivism is creating. They aren’t friendly to Christians or the Bible. The semi-progressive societies are semi-antagonistic. The very progressive societies are very antagonistic. The agenda is not pro- but anti-Bible.

There is a lot more that I could say, and a lot more that I want to say. I’m confident that many will disagree with me. It wasn’t my intention to write against specific progressive items, only to show the general shape and trend of the movement that makes me reject it. If you want to know more about my specific thoughts on specific policies and agenda items, I’ve written about many of them. In the meantime, remember: this train is going somewhere. Do you know where, and do you want to end up there?


2 thoughts on “I’m Not a Progressive, Here’s Why”

  1. Good Talk Daniel !! Can you write down any reference or books you use on this story ?
    Thanks keep up good work

    Kelly McElhattan

    1. Hello! In response to your question about resources, there is a book that you can buy on Amazon called Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West by Kevin Swanson. It’s a good book about some of the minds behind the progressive agenda!

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