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Lessons From the Past: The Abernathy Brothers

The statistics are appalling.  According to a 2015 national survey, teens (13-18 year old’s) spend an average of 9 hours a day on media use.  Tweens (8-12 year old’s) aren’t much better, spending an average of 6 hours a day on media use.  Most kids and young adults today don’t like to read actual books, but when they do, their choice is usually dystopian fiction (i.e. Hunger Games), sci-fi or fantasy.  Most teens and tweens today aren’t being equipped to live and function in the real world, but instead live in an alternate reality provided by the media and entertainment industry that bombard us today.  It wasn’t always this way.  There was a time when teens, as well as children, were taught and expected to be responsible, have a good work ethic, contribute to their family and community, look a person in the eye when speaking and give a firm handshake.  These teens and children dared great things and accomplished much.  There are many incredible stories throughout history that demonstrate this.  The following is just one of those stories.

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NGV Friday: A New Year and a New North Korea?

Nathan Smith NGV

The reclusive regime over on the Korean peninsula created what would be one of the most intriguing and dangerous stories of 2017.  With an economy and a government centered around the might of its military, North Korea terrified the United States and its allies with their threats.  Kim Jong Un was not afraid to attack President Trump, threaten the contiguous United States, and even the naval base at Guam.  The failure of past administrations was clear as North Korea was able to finally display the nuclear weapons they had acquired through the years.  The Clinton administration had originally reached a deal in 1994 to deter the regime from acquiring nuclear weapons.  The hasty agreement was quickly proven to be a mistake.  During the Bush administration, the North Koreans first tested their weapons with subsequent launches over the next few years.

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America’s Christian Heritage – A Firm Foundation

Recently, a friend of mine on social media asked the perplexing question: Is America still a Christian nation?  Looking through the comments, I was not surprised to see that many viewers had either wrote, “No,” with little or no evidence to back up their answer, while others completely sidestepped the question.  And though it is easy to look upon the reign of corruption and sin within our nation and join the rather large dissension on this particular topic, perhaps a different perspective is needed, one that proudly, yet humbly, reads, “Yes, America is still a Christian nation.”

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Bullet-Point Bio: James Smith

-One of the signers of the United States Declaration of Independence from Pennsylvania

-James Smith was born September 17, 1719 in Ulster Ireland.  His family moved to Pennsylvania in 1729.

-While growing up in Pennsylvania he received his education from a local church minister.  After graduating, he went on to study law in Lancaster.  At the age of 26 he was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar.

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