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The American Dream

“Only in America can someone start with nothing and achieve the American Dream.  That’s the greatness of this country.” ~ Rafael Cruz

America.  The very word inspires hope in the hearts of millions.  America was built by people with a simple dream.  The pilgrims came to the new land with this dream, the founders had this dream as they drafted the US Constitution, the settlers had this dream as they left their friends and trekked across the great unknown with their families.  The men who built the great railroads had this dream.  Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. had this dream. And it is this same dream that inspires millions of ordinary Americans to work for a better way of life today.  What is this dream that drives the working men and women of America’s past, present, and by the grace of God, will continue to drive those of the future?  Continue reading “The American Dream”

Special Interview With Dr. Chuck Baldwin

Recently, we were honored to conduct an interview with Dr. Chuck Baldwin – radio broadcaster, syndicated columnist, pastor, and former Constitution Party candidate.  He is dedicated to preserving the principles of liberty in our country and we are excited to share this interview with you now!

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Interview With Representative Kyle Hilbert!

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to interview my state representative, Kyle Hilbert.  Some of my family and I had the opportunity to help him in his campaign last year, and developed a relationship with him and his wife. 

Before his work in the Oklahoma legislature, he served as President of the OSU Student Government Association, and was named an OSU Senior of Significance.  He came last week to do a interview with me about his involvement in politics, what it’s like being a twenty-three year old representative, and his encouragement to the next generation of leaders. 

Learn and Enjoy! 

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