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The Conservative Apologist: On the Abortion of Abortion

We are excited to introduce you to a new post series!  Every first Friday we will be hearing from Noah who will be writing our “Conservative Apologist” column!  This column is meant to not only help those who may not agree with a conservative stance on an issue to see it in a different light, but also to help us as conservatives know how to give an answer for what we believe.  We trust you’ll be blessed by these posts, so without further delay, here’s our first “Conservative Apologist” post!

The Conservative Apologist: On the Abortion of Abortion

It has been commonly remarked that Christian conservatives are only against abortion for religious reasons, and that they should not be allowed to let their obtrusive religious opinions infringe upon the rights of others.  However, is the Pro-Life, Abolitionist position merely religious?  Or are there arguments outside of religion that pro-life conservatives can make?

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Free Trade — A Conservative View

Trade has been a significant and controversial issue for decades, and has garnered much attention on both Republican and Democratic campaign trails.  The concept of free trade, however, is often quite confused, leaving many jaded and uncertain as to the effect of its implementation, and the consequence of its violation. Continue reading “Free Trade — A Conservative View”

Why is the Second Amendment Important?


Earlier this year, Donald Trump found himself in hot water.  When he explained that Hillary Clinton might limit gun rights, he added that no one could prevent her, except perhaps for “the Second Amendment people.”

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