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The Conservative Apologist: On the Death of Toys ‘R’ Us

When I was a kid, there were many stores I liked to visit on special occasions.  If I had a little extra money, I enjoyed going to Walmart or Target.  But even better were the times my parents took me to Toys ‘R’ Us.  Star Wars toys were my favorite, and just after them were Marvel and DC action figures.  Toys ‘R’ Us was the high point of my action figure interest.  It was the one store that had more than a mere section dedicated to things I liked.  I felt like the entire store was made for me.

This emotion is shared by many people who I have spoken with.  Toys ‘R’ Us was the favorite place for many children in the past.  When I went there as a kid, the store was always busy, filled with children smiling ear to ear.

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Reverse Engineering: The Deconstruction of Marriage Part II

By The Conservative Apologist

In my previous article, I addressed various causes which lead to the sexual breakdown of modern society. However, that is only half the battle.  Anyone can point to problems in society, they are numerous and easy to find.  But that doesn’t bring us any closer to solving these problems, any more than knowing your car won’t start will help you get it running again.  Constructive awareness is required if the deconstruction of marriage is to be reversed.

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The Conservative Apologist: The American Nightmare

Oh please, don’t ask me how I’ve been
Don’t make me play pretend
Oh no, oh what’s the use
Oh please, I bet everybody here is fake happy too.
—Paramore, Fake Happy

Until 2014, there was a well-known actor who was successful no matter what role he played.  He was a hilarious comedian that could improvise like no other.  However, he could also bring an element of drama and realism to any character.  Many people were touched by his acting skills.  Whether it be in comedic roles such as in Licensed to Wed, Mrs. Doubtfire, or RV, or in more serious roles such as Dead Poets Society or Good Will Hunting, he brought life and honesty to all his films.

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The Conservative Apologist: On Guns & Control

One of the darkest realities of our time is the regular occurrence of mass shootings; large-scale murders with firearms in the hands of troubled individuals.  Americans have not had a break from these types of massacres in quite a while.  There is usually at least one shooting event in the news at any given time, and this reality is not likely to change any time soon.  This is truly a bleak reality, and it is heartbreaking, but the question is, “What solution can be implemented to stop these mass murders?”

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