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The Conservative Apologist: Land of the Free?

As we approach the Thanksgiving of American patriotism, and we prepare our grills and gather enough ammunition and explosives to reenact the American revolution, there is much to contemplate regarding America’s past and future. During Independence Day parties, one word which is thrown around between explosions like a star-spangled bottle rocket is freedom.  It’s used by the Left and the Right, with various definitions between them, but Independence Day is seen as a day where Americans can come together, out of their differences, and celebrate what we have in common: freedom.

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The Conservative Apologist: On the Death of Toys ‘R’ Us

When I was a kid, there were many stores I liked to visit on special occasions.  If I had a little extra money, I enjoyed going to Walmart or Target.  But even better were the times my parents took me to Toys ‘R’ Us.  Star Wars toys were my favorite, and just after them were Marvel and DC action figures.  Toys ‘R’ Us was the high point of my action figure interest.  It was the one store that had more than a mere section dedicated to things I liked.  I felt like the entire store was made for me.

This emotion is shared by many people who I have spoken with.  Toys ‘R’ Us was the favorite place for many children in the past.  When I went there as a kid, the store was always busy, filled with children smiling ear to ear.

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Reverse Engineering: The Deconstruction of Marriage Part II

By The Conservative Apologist

In my previous article, I addressed various causes which lead to the sexual breakdown of modern society. However, that is only half the battle.  Anyone can point to problems in society, they are numerous and easy to find.  But that doesn’t bring us any closer to solving these problems, any more than knowing your car won’t start will help you get it running again.  Constructive awareness is required if the deconstruction of marriage is to be reversed.

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