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What Makes America Great: Religious Liberty

If there is one right many of us, as both Americans and Believers, exercise and enjoy today it is that of religious liberty.  And though in our land this freedom is widely viewed as inherent, we as a people have oftentimes taken this liberty for granted.  We’re forgetful of the many internal political struggles which took place to ensure this precious protection, failing to realize that had this issue (as well as many others) not been addressed at that critical time, the state of our nation would be in a greater dire strait today.

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What Makes America Great: Our Christian Foundation

This week marks the start of a new topic and one which I am very excited about – What Makes America Great.  In a day and age where the foundation of who we are as a country is being eroded and our history is being re-written and taught in such a way as to tear our country down, we want to step back in order to help us refocus.  This topic isn’t meant to build up ungodly pride, but rather to help us remember the blessings we’ve been given and kindle again into full flame the thankfulness and patriotism that should burn inside of every American.  We’ve truly been given something special – we need to remember this!

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In Defense of a Christian Government

Welcome to a new month here at Young Patriots for Liberty!  This month we are going to be talking about government, some of the roles of government, and how our three branches of government work.  We also have a special Independence Day post coming tomorrow, so be sure to check it out!  Without further delay, we’re going to dig right in…

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The Eradication of God from the Public Square — Neutralization or Coercion?

 Part Five: The Constitution 

In this series, we’ve been discussing many examples of attempts made by the left to neutralize all public forums in terms of religious expression.  We’ve established that this is, indeed, happening, and we’ve discovered the motive behind this scheme. Continue reading “The Eradication of God from the Public Square — Neutralization or Coercion?”