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The Junior Patriot: The Battle at North Point

The British had the upper hand so far in the War of 1812.  They had even gone so far as to burn the U.S. Capital and government buildings, which infuriated the American public and sent them seeking for revenge.  After destroying Washington D.C., the British set eyes on Baltimore, and prepared to destroy it.

Meanwhile the citizens and soldiers in Baltimore made sure they didn’t destroy it as well.   General Samuel Smith was in charge of securing the town against attack.  The harbor already was well protected by Fort McHenry.  It was built from 1799-1803 by French engineer Jean Tontin.  Shaped like a star, the fort was armed with about 30 guns.  Later it was updated with 4 water batteries.  They dug trenches all around the town.  Two new forts were built, Forts Babcock and Covington, and Lazaretto Point was also fortified.  Also ships were sunk in the entrance of the harbor and over 12,000 soldiers were deployed in the city.

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The Patriot’s Thanks

Thanksgiving seems more of a common tradition nowadays.  We eat, we laugh, tell stories with our loved ones and share the importance of giving thanks for the blessings our Lord has done for us in the past year. These occurrences are rather commonplace now, and have to a great extent drifted into mindless routine, especially amongst Christians, without pondering the importance of why we should be giving thanks as believers, and secondly as American citizens.  What is the most important thing that we can be thankful for?

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Special Interview With Dr. Chuck Baldwin

Recently, we were honored to conduct an interview with Dr. Chuck Baldwin – radio broadcaster, syndicated columnist, pastor, and former Constitution Party candidate.  He is dedicated to preserving the principles of liberty in our country and we are excited to share this interview with you now!

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What Makes America Great: In Iron Pen

“Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution.  That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” – Abraham Lincoln

I find it vaguely interesting how in the aftermath of the election of President Trump, the solution for the left to regain credibility in the eyes of the voters is to move further in the direction of socialist ideology in increasing the power of government, further increasing tax burdens, protesting a legitimate president, stifling the approval processes of President Trump’s cabinet appointments, propagating falsehoods being dispensed by the liberal media, further complicating the tax code and pushing for new government programs.

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