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Ulbrichtian Communism: Economy of the Iron Fist Part II

In my last article I went over some of the crucial economic factors that emphasized the failures of the “iron-fist” economic policies that decimated the German Democratic Republic’s growth capabilities as well as its repressive policies that forced its population into political submission.  I find it striking how they hadn’t learned their lesson from their Nazi past by trading one form of tyranny for another under the auspices of Stalinist communism.  I find it even more intriguing that there were actually those who believed that the GDR would eventually become a successful nation.  Even though I’m writing this piece decades after the fact, it is astounding how anyone could believe that the GDR would recover from Ulbricht and the Politburo’s oppressive statism.  However, I think it’s important to highlight the way of thinking that led academics to think the way they did about the GDR’s propensity to compete with its Western adversary over the Berlin Wall.  But then again, what makes that period anymore different than the socialist acolytes in the high offices of government, media, universities and bureaucracy today that are once again trying to pander to people’s low self-esteem and weakness by proclaiming the apparent goodness of a government-run economy, aside from the “virtues” of a nanny state (big understatement) that typically accompanies the Communist paradigm.

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The Conservative Apologist: The Economy and Christian Ethics (The Most Boring Title for an Article in the History of Articles)

Due to the current political climate, the lines between liberals and conservatives are cut very deep.  There are various battlegrounds which take place across these lines, and the polarization cannot be overstated.  Examples of these issues include: abortion, same-sex marriage, and gun control.  However, another issue that has become just as prevalent in public discussion is the issue of economics, particularly the debate between socialists and capitalists.

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Three Reasons Why We Must Support the U.N.

I’m a big fan of the United Nations.  They do so much to keep our world running the way that it runs.  Today, I want to share with you three reasons why it is unthinkable that we might stop supporting this organization.  I want you to be convinced that the United Nations really is as essential as it claims to be.

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NGV Friday: A New Year and a New North Korea?

Nathan Smith NGV

The reclusive regime over on the Korean peninsula created what would be one of the most intriguing and dangerous stories of 2017.  With an economy and a government centered around the might of its military, North Korea terrified the United States and its allies with their threats.  Kim Jong Un was not afraid to attack President Trump, threaten the contiguous United States, and even the naval base at Guam.  The failure of past administrations was clear as North Korea was able to finally display the nuclear weapons they had acquired through the years.  The Clinton administration had originally reached a deal in 1994 to deter the regime from acquiring nuclear weapons.  The hasty agreement was quickly proven to be a mistake.  During the Bush administration, the North Koreans first tested their weapons with subsequent launches over the next few years.

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