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A Self Made Nation – Part Two

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The Examination

For our examination of these several ideologies, we will presuppose the following two basic truths: that objective morality does exist and that human rights, the preeminent of which are life, liberty, and property, do exist.

A brief note must be made regarding presuppositions.  It has become popular among some atheistic and skeptical scientists and philosophers to ridicule those who employ presuppositions in their arguments.  Some argue that to ground an argument on a presupposition is “blind faith,” a bane to reason.  So, how do we answer such criticism?

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A Self-made Nation?

A Repudiation of Conventional Ideas of American Greatness and an Investigation of its True Source 

The great and the ghastly; the heavenly and the hideous; the mediocre and the momentous; the desirable and the despicable; the salutary and the shameful; the benevolent and the baneful; the propitious and the painful; the successful and the subsistent; the entrepreneurial and the enslaved; the majestic and the minuscule; the undeniable and the underrated; the venerated and the vindictive; the discreet and the demagogic; the peaceful and the polemical; the inseparable and the irreconcilable; war and peace; the good, the bad, and the ugly; it has all racked America at some time or another.  The vertex of nearly every conceivable line of reasoning, the United States of America have, in their brief existence, preserved more lives, secured more liberty, dispelled more lies, housed more opportunity, hosted more success, defended more innocents, and nurtured more enterprise than any other nation in history.

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The American Dream

“Only in America can someone start with nothing and achieve the American Dream.  That’s the greatness of this country.” ~ Rafael Cruz

America.  The very word inspires hope in the hearts of millions.  America was built by people with a simple dream.  The pilgrims came to the new land with this dream, the founders had this dream as they drafted the US Constitution, the settlers had this dream as they left their friends and trekked across the great unknown with their families.  The men who built the great railroads had this dream.  Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. had this dream. And it is this same dream that inspires millions of ordinary Americans to work for a better way of life today.  What is this dream that drives the working men and women of America’s past, present, and by the grace of God, will continue to drive those of the future?  Continue reading “The American Dream”

The Patriot’s Thanks

Thanksgiving seems more of a common tradition nowadays.  We eat, we laugh, tell stories with our loved ones and share the importance of giving thanks for the blessings our Lord has done for us in the past year. These occurrences are rather commonplace now, and have to a great extent drifted into mindless routine, especially amongst Christians, without pondering the importance of why we should be giving thanks as believers, and secondly as American citizens.  What is the most important thing that we can be thankful for?

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