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Illuminating History: Who You Fight For

Colonel Howard Moore had been around long enough to notice the contrast the moment he had stepped off of the transport plane.  Now he sat in his Ford pickup, stalled on the streets of Los Angeles with all the time in the world to think everything over.  Howard, or ‘Hal’ as is men called him, had served in the Army for almost thirty years, and could remember long ago when the long parades of American soldiers returning from the fight against the Nazis had marched through the streets of New York to grand ticker tape parades. But this was nothing like1945.  Not only was there an absence of celebration, but a spirit of anger and resentment reigned over the nation.  He sensed it immediately, and it made him bitter.

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Bullet-Point Bio: Samuel Chase

-Samuel Chase was born to Reverend Thomas and Matilda Chase near Princess Anne, Maryland in 1741.

-Chase was educated at home and then moved to Annapolis where he studied law.  In 1761, he was admitted to the bar and started his own law practice.

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Presbyterian Patriotism In the Founding of America

“The principal matter recommended by the faction in New England, was an union of the congregational and presbyterian interests, throughout the Colonies…Thus the Presbyterians in the southern Colonies, who, while unconnected in their several congregations, were raised into weight and consequence; and a dangerous combination of men, whose principles of religion and polity were equally averse to those of the established Church and Government, was formed.” – Joseph Galloway, Loyalist, Speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly

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Bullet-Point Bio: Charles Carroll

-Charles Carroll was born in September 1737 in Maryland to Charles Carroll and Elizabeth Brooke.

-At a young age Carroll received his education from the Bohemia Mano and at the age of eleven, was sent to France to finish his education on at the College of Omer. He graduated in 1755.  He stayed in Europe and studied law before returning to Maryland in 1765.

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