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You Can Make a Difference

Two years ago, if someone had told me that Republicans would hold the House, Senate, and gain the White House, I would have (nicely!) disagreed with them.  After the emergence of the killer “October surprise” video clip, there seemed no feasible possibility of then-Republican nominee Donald Trump besting Democrat Hillary Clinton.  Boy, was I wrong, and am I glad I was!

Since the 2016 election, President Trump and our Republican Congress have brought about one of the greatest economic recoveries in American history, installed not just one, but two (!) new conservative justices on the Supreme Court, and restored respect for our nation around the world.  Based on these results alone, it’s safe to say they’ve kept their promises made on the campaign trail.  As conservatives, we need this string of success to continue, and the only thing it depends on is, you guessed it—YOU.

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Interview With Representative Kyle Hilbert!

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to interview my state representative, Kyle Hilbert.  Some of my family and I had the opportunity to help him in his campaign last year, and developed a relationship with him and his wife. 

Before his work in the Oklahoma legislature, he served as President of the OSU Student Government Association, and was named an OSU Senior of Significance.  He came last week to do a interview with me about his involvement in politics, what it’s like being a twenty-three year old representative, and his encouragement to the next generation of leaders. 

Learn and Enjoy! 

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YOUR Topics: Finding Out About The Issues

As we’ve stated before, our goal for the month of June is to help you understand some ways YOU can get involved in making a difference through sharing some of the things that we’ve personally found helpful.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that before you can act on an issue, you have to know that the issue even exists!  This is why today, I’m going to share with you three of the websites that I’ve found most helpful for learning about issues that we need to act on.

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