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Presbyterian Patriotism In the Founding of America

“The principal matter recommended by the faction in New England, was an union of the congregational and presbyterian interests, throughout the Colonies…Thus the Presbyterians in the southern Colonies, who, while unconnected in their several congregations, were raised into weight and consequence; and a dangerous combination of men, whose principles of religion and polity were equally averse to those of the established Church and Government, was formed.” – Joseph Galloway, Loyalist, Speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly

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The Junior Patriot: JFK’s Endurance Saves 11 Lives 

Imagine having to swim 3.4 miles through shark infested waters while towing a badly burned buddy and suffering from a ruptured spinal disc. Sounds like something from a video game, huh?  Believe it or not, president John F. Kennedy did just that and more.  Some of you may have heard that Kennedy was a Lieutenant in World War 2 before becoming president.  What might not have heard is that Kennedy personally saved 11 men from death.  Here’s the story.

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Baptist Patriotism In The Founding Of America

“If I were Washington I would summon all the American officers, they should form a circle around me, and I would address them, and we would offer a libation in our own blood, and I would order one of them to bring a lancet and a punch-bowl and we would bare our arms and be bled; and when the bowl was full, when we all had been bled, I would call on every man to consecrate himself to the work by dipping his sword into the bowl and entering into a solemn covenant engagement by oath, one to another, and we would swear by Him that sits upon the throne and liveth for ever and ever, that we would never sheathe our swords while there was an English soldier in arms remaining in America.” – Reverend John Ryland

Such were the words of the Baptist preacher, who in reality represented the sentiments of nearly every colonial Baptist church at the time of the War for Independence.  So passionate was this denomination for the cause of liberty that, as the Declaration of Independence says, they pledged and sacrificed their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” for the cause.

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The Junior Patriot: Taffy 3 vs. Center Force One

The I.J.N. Yamatowas the pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy.  It had nine 18-inch guns (the largest weapons ever put on a ship!), one-and-a-half foot thick armor, and over 150 other weapons of various kinds.  The largest battleship in history, the Yamato was the flagship of the Imperial Japanese Fleet.

The USS Johnston, was a wee destroyer (intended mainly for attacking submarines), compared to the 862 foot Yamato. The Johnston had five 5-inch guns, no armor, and 7 antiaircraft guns.

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