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Millennials, Bernie Sanders, and Socialism

I live near a college town.  Leading up to the 2016 elections, the overwhelming support for Bernie Sanders was evident among college students – bumper stickers, road signs, huge banners – all pointing to the fact that many of my generation found something in him appealing. Continue reading “Millennials, Bernie Sanders, and Socialism”

YOUR Topics: Current Issues – Immigration — History, Haters, and Hyperbole

The issue of immigration was arguably one of the biggest issues of the 2016 presidential election campaigns.  It was also incredibly emotionally charged, and many arguments were made and labels applied that really only obfuscated the facts.  Such titles as pro-immigration, pro-refugee, and anti-immigration and anti-refugee have gendered much confusion.  When we consider the factors involved in this issue — illegal immigration from the southern border, the inefficiency of the legal immigration system, the refugee crisis, and the societal, political, and economic implications of these things — it can seem overwhelming! Continue reading “YOUR Topics: Current Issues – Immigration — History, Haters, and Hyperbole”

YOUR Topics: Current Issues – The REAL IDea


Today, we want to share an informative article on the REAL ID Act.  We’ve mentioned it a few times here on the YPL blog and believe it’s important to go a little deeper.  Although some of the information below is specific to Oklahoma, much of the information applies no matter what state you live in, so we hope you’ll take the time to read and consider it.  Special thanks to John Michener, president of OCPAC (Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee), for allowing us to repost his article!  We hope you’ll find it informative and impassioning, and that it will urge you to action! Continue reading “YOUR Topics: Current Issues – The REAL IDea”