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Bullet-Point Bio: Benjamin Rush

-One of the signers from Pennsylvania.

-Benjamin Rush was born on January 4, 1746 to John and Susanna Rush.  He grew up outside of Philadelphia and was the fourth of seven children.

-Benjamin went to school at West Nottingham Academy at the age of eight, while living with his aunt and uncle, after his father died.

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Bullet-Point Bio: John Witherspoon 

• John Witherspoon was born on February 5, 1722 in Gifford Scotland.  He was the oldest child of Reverend James Witherspoon and Anne Walker.

• He attended the Haddington Grammar School, and in 1739 he received his Master of Arts from the University of Edinburgh.

• Witherspoon was very much against the Roman Catholic Jacobite rising that occurred in 1745-1746.  Because of that, when the Battle of Falkirk happened and the Jacobites won the battle, he was briefly imprisoned at Doune Castle.

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Bullet-Point Bio: Francis Hopkinson 

  • Francis Hopkinson was born on September 21, 1737 in Philadelphia.
  • He went to the College of Philadelphia in 1751 and graduated in 1757.
  • He also studied Law in the office of Benjamin Chew.  Later on he studied with the Bishop of Worcester in England.
  • He is known for his writing of music, poetry, and satire.  Some of his famous writings are A Pretty Story, The Prophecy, and The Political Catechism 

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