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American Nuclear Policy, Calculated Ambiguity and Maintaining Credibility in Military Conflict

“No First Use!”: Wishful Thinking and Conceding Advantage

Should the United States pledge against initiating a nuclear first-strike in the face of prospective military conflicts with Iran and North Korea? Analysis by Ploughshares Fund estimated that there are around 14,185 nuclear weapons distributed amongst the world powers, with the United States and Russia taking the lion’s share of the distribution. 4,150 of those weapons have been operationally deployed as of 2017. In the midst of such uncertainty concerning the potential usage of these weapons in military conflicts, given the seemingly inescapable realities of the security dilemma in international politics, the United States gains nothing strategic by committing to a no-first-use (NFU) policy that publicly reveals U.S. intent in military conflict against its adversaries. In fact, making such an explicit commitment is dangerous, and could severely cripple U.S. strategic leverage should a war with Iran and North Korea ever ensue. For that matter, maintaining a calculated ambiguity approach to American nuclear policy remains the more viable option in keeping U.S. adversaries in check. 

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The American Academia-Soviet Simile and The Free Speech Wars

Yes, there is an ongoing threat to the freedom of speech on college campuses.  The persistence of the academic elite to enforce a subjective standard of what speech is deemed acceptable on student bodies across the U.S. continues to double down on its resistance to logic and reason.  If there is a continued imperviousness to diverse opinion amongst the liberal elites, how can their positions be justified when they refuse to have their beliefs tested in the intellectual market?

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The President is Trying to Rip Families Apart- Fact or Fiction?

By Nathan Smith, New Generation Voters

The Time magazine recently published an issue that featured a small child crying, while the president stared down at her.  The image has grabbed the attention of the nation, leading many to attack the president and his administration as cruel and insensitive individuals.  Those that reside in the gated communities of coastal southern California sit back and try to go after President Trump on social media, raise funds for immigrant children to be reunited with their families, and try to create a general uproar against the administration.  They spread images of crying children with no context, declare that the president and his administration enjoy ripping families apart, and proclaim that the members of the Democratic Party are the only ones that actually care about the fate of these young children.

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