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Our Duty To Liberty

“We must understand our Constitution if we are to defend what we have achieved under it, and we must know our history if we are to value the ordered liberty the Founders bequeathed to us.  We must be free by governing ourselves, preserve our freedom for the next generation, and stand for freedom at home and abroad. We the people created this republic, and we the people must preserve it.”

With this in mind, today I would like to discuss four R’s relating to our duty as citizens of the United States of America:

1) Repentance
2) Remembering
3) Responsibility
4) Rebuilding

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Goldenhair vs. Little Rocket Man: Trump’s Success Against North Korea

By Eli Holliday, New Generation Voters

June 15, 2018

“Vote for Trump if you want nuclear war!” a major criticism of Donald Trump during his candidacy.  Many, particularly on the left, portrayed him as a bumbling buffoon that would trip over the nuclear launch button and make a laughing stock out of America; yet Obama’s apology tour didn’t seem to be a mockery of America to them.  However, in light of President Trump and Kim Jong-Un’s meeting, do these qualms against Trump still have merit?

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The Junior Patriot: Taffy 3 vs. Center Force One

The I.J.N. Yamatowas the pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy.  It had nine 18-inch guns (the largest weapons ever put on a ship!), one-and-a-half foot thick armor, and over 150 other weapons of various kinds.  The largest battleship in history, the Yamato was the flagship of the Imperial Japanese Fleet.

The USS Johnston, was a wee destroyer (intended mainly for attacking submarines), compared to the 862 foot Yamato. The Johnston had five 5-inch guns, no armor, and 7 antiaircraft guns.

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