Constitution Test!

The Constitution Safeguards Your Rights!

Do YOU know what it says?

Here are ten questions you should be able to answer about the U.S. Constitution:


Each question is worth 10 points.  Grade yourself according to the following curve:

90  100% = A – You answered well…now be vigilant!

80  89% = B – We all need refreshers now and again!

70  79% = C – You do realize that you are the Government, don’t you?

60  69% = D – If you are an American, it’s time you took your sacred heritage seriously!

59 or less = F – It’s a good thing you are already a citizen since you couldn’t pass muster!

Send your test score to for an opportunity to have it published on this page (no personal information will be shared – first name will only be used with permission!)!  

**Updated 5/21/18: Thank you to the Constitutional Conservatives for sending in their score and congratulations on getting 100%!!!

Seriously, most Americans have forgotten or never learned what was behind the first 150 years of peace, prosperity and growth our country enjoyed.  If we do not recover the principles of liberty under law established by our founders, we are doomed to tyranny and bondage.

A dear price has been paid for the freedom we enjoy and that price must continually be paid if we are to remain a free people.

We live in perilous times but most Americans are not paying attention.  In our arrogance, we think we could never be overcome by tyranny.  The truth is, we are already far down that road and if we the people do not arise and govern ourselves according to law, we do not deserve the heritage we received.

Please click here to read an explanation to the answers on the test for further study!