Other Resources

The following lists include some organizations, websites, and books that we’ve found helpful. While we may not agree with everything contained in each site or book, we find these important to all who seek to fight for liberty.

Note: If you are aware of other resources that would be beneficial, please send them to us for review and we will consider adding them to our list.

YPL Team Personal Sites:

From Daniel’s Desk

Sean M. Cox

Frank Alegria – Let’s be Frank!

Websites and Organizations:

New Generation Voters 

Liberty First by KrisAnne Hall

Illuminating History


Founders Keep

Prairiefire Patriots

Worldview in 5 Minutes

AFA (American Family Association)

Landmark Events

Heritage Action

Western Conservatory

Generations with Vision


Patriot Academy

Wall Builders

Wall Builders Live

Campaign for Liberty

Open States (find your state legislators)

Find your US Senator

Find your US Representative

Helpful Books:

Liberty First – The Path to Restoring America by KrisAnne Hall

Freedom by Kevin Swanson

Take Back the Land by Rick Boyer

America’s Christian Heritage by Gary DeMar

It’s Biblical, Not Political! – How To Line Candidates Up Biblically by Dr. James Taylor