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When you come across a website like this, you may be thinking, “Why should I be interested or involved in politics?  How does it affect me?”

Don’t worry – you’re not the only one.  Many young people consider politics to be either boring, confusing or completely immoral.  They face at least three problems when it comes to this subject:

Problem #1

We live in a fast-paced world.  We are running everywhere, all the time.  We are busy with everything from school and sports events, to social media, Netflix, and time with friends and family.  Most of our generation doesn’t seem to have time for politics.

Problem #2

Young people don’t understand how it affects them.  When they go buy a latte from Starbucks, they’re not thinking about the several cents of every dollar spent that goes to the state.  They don’t see how it affects their everyday life.

Problem #3

Most young people’s exposure to politics only includes the stories of base behavior.  Name-calling, scandals, and hypocrisy have given young people the impression that nothing profitable goes on in the political arena.  Thus, most young people think, “Why would I want to get involved in that mess?”

In spite of these problems, consider this: The work of those who have gone before us has allowed us to have the freedom to just enjoy life.  Think about the movies or TV shows you enjoy.  Now consider that in North Korea, you could be put to death for watching foreign television.  Your right to free speech, your freedom of religion, and many more liberties are things we enjoy each and every day when millions around the world do not.

We’re here to tell you this: Regardless of its flaws, politics affects you, your involvement matters, and you can make a difference.  While many refuse to be involved because of the flaws, their lack of involvement only makes the situation worse.  As the phrase goes: Be the change you want to see! 

This is where Young Patriots for Liberty comes in!  Our mission is to educate and inspire you.  We want to see America’s young people take on the problems we face, find answers, and offer sustainable solutions in order to preserve the liberties we enjoy!

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