YPL Web and Social Media Outreach

Our purpose is to take the mission of Young Patriots for Liberty outside of our local community and state and impact young people (and others!) all across our nation as we educate, inspire, and encourage them to stand and fight for the preservation of liberty.

As we learn together, hopefully, we can help you, our readers, to better understand where we’ve come from as a nation and the times we’re living in today.  Not only do we want to help you understand, but we hope to also inspire you to seek out how YOU can make a difference in your own states and communities!

Find us here on our website and also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – using the many platforms of today to give you easy access to essential information on founding principles, our nation’s exciting true history, current events, ways to get involved, YPL news and more!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/youngpatriotsforliberty
Instagram: @youngpatriotsforliberty
Twitter: @YPL_1776